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5. 3. 2020
A Guide for Beginners

5 Best Casino Bets

Have you ever wondered which casino bets are best for you? Well done, that is good. The more you play, the more you need to understand the odds of each bet. If you want to get to know the most advantageous, read the following lines.

What is a Good Bet?

The casino offers you the chance to take the risk, but not all games are as good for you as you think. If you play the right variant of blackjack, the casino advantage is only 0.5%. That is great. On the other hand, you can try a proposition bet on craps like Any Seven, which has a house edge of 16.7%.

In today’s article, we will talk about the top five casino bets in terms of the lowest house edge. Of course, each one is separate, and none guarantees you a win.

Full Payout at Dueces Wild – 100.76%

Believe it or not, this video poker offers an advantage to the player. You will find this game in almost every casino, and the payout table will be as follows:

  • Natural Royal Flush – 800
  • Four deuces – 200
  • Wild Royal Flush – 25
  • Five of a Kind – 15
  • Straight Flush – 9
  • Four of a Kind – 5
  • Full house – 3
  • Flush – 2
  • Straight – 2
  • Three of a Kind 1

Craps, the Odds Bet – 100%

Yes, you are reading correctly. If you use pass line bets or don’t pass line bets, you will be paid the full value of the odds on your number before the number seven falls. There is no casino advantage, so make sure you take advantage of this bet.

First of all, you have to bet pass or don’t pass bet. So the odds are “free” but before you have to send your chips to the game.

Multiple Pass and Don’t Pass Odds – 0.13%

Once you place a pass or don’t pass bet, some casinos will offer you the option of multiple odds bet, as we have described in the previous point. The higher the odds offered, the lower the total pass and don’t pass bets as a combination with odds. In other words, if you combine your odds bet with a line bet, the total house edge will drop.

  • Single pass bet: 1.41% – Don’t pass bet: 1.36%
  • Pass bet with simple odds: 0.85% – Don’t pass with simple odds: 0.7%
  • Pass bet with double odds: 0.61% – Don’t pass with double odds: 0.47%
  • Pass bet with triple odds: 0.47% – Don’t pass with triple odds: 0.35%
  • Pass bet with 5x odds: 0.33% – Don´t pass with 5x odds: 0.23%
  • Pass bet with 10x odds: 0.18% – Don’t pass with 10x odds: 0.13%

Baccarat – 1.17%

Baccarat is one of the simplest and most advantageous gambling games. When you bet on the Player, you expose yourself to a 1.36% casino advantage and even a 1.17% bet on the Banker.

Learn more about this fantastic game, which James Bond loves, in the Baccarat Complete Guide.

Blackjack – 0.6%

Determining the exact value of a blackjack casino advantage is quite difficult because the house edge varies depending on the cards already played. Once you are familiar with the rules, proceed straight to studying the Basic Strategy for Blackjack. And if you choose a game with favourable rules, you can play an almost equivalent casino game.

Do you think you can beat the casino using blackjack? You’re right. It may take a while to learn the best strategy, but with it, you can even shift the advantage to your side. And these are very favourable conditions.

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