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23. 10. 2020
Gambler’s Fallacy and Other Myths of Roulette Players

If you are among those who still believe that roulette can be won in the long run, you will not like the following article. But if you want to get familiarised with the facts, then these lines will help you open your eyes. Before you start the career of a professional roulette player, read this article and maybe you will reconsider everything.

17. 10. 2017
The top 10 most famous roulette betting systems

Since of the roulette invention, players have been trying to figure out how to beat the roulette. They usually try to do so with the so-called roulette betting systems, from which they got promised that using particular betting patterns will reduce the advantage of the casino. Unsuccessful to this date.

12. 10. 2017
Rules of Roulette

Roulette rules are very simple and can be taught just after a few minutes of watching the table. No matter if you observe the game in the online casino or in the classic land-based casino. It depends only on you, but in any case, both options are fine.

2. 8. 2017
Learn how to calculate probability and payouts in slots

In today’s little math exercise, we’ll show you how to count probability in slot machines.

2. 8. 2017
How does the RNG (Random Number Generator) work?

What is the chance in the world of computers? There are many unfounded myths and stories about the operation of the RNG – a generator of random numbers in slot machines. But how does it actually work? That’s exactly what this article explains.

2. 8. 2017
Slot machine rules

Online casinos offer an unbelievable number of different slot machines, so you should first take a look around and find the ones you like. In general, your goal is always to achieve a winning combination – although different games have different rules. Here you can take a closer look at the game process.

1. 8. 2017
Video Poker Doubling

Video Poker is a suitable alternative if blackjack is not an option for fulfilling the wagering requirement (WR), so we decided to introduce you to a doubling strategy that greatly reduces the house edge.

31. 7. 2017
Video Poker rules

Have you ever played against a “one-armed bandit”? Video Poker will immediately capture you. By the way, if your approach to slot machines so far has been apprehensive, it will do so anyway. Video Poker cleverly combines the benefits of slot machines and the tension that only poker players know. Unlike conventional slots, the game is not completely based on coincidence – the player must at least know the poker hands well.

27. 7. 2017
The most famous superstition from the world of Craps

If you think that the craps myths are like the myths about Bigfoot or the Scottish “Lochness Monster”, you probably aren’t the one of those who believes and follows them. Be glad, you would not believe how many people can get fooled by similar – sometimes utter – nonsense. Although some of them come from the world of live gambling, most are related to playing online. Let’s now look take a brief look at the most famous of them. Just to have a laugh at things some players can believe.


Learn the best trick and strategies how to beat slot machines