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10 Most Important Rules of Gambling

Over the last fifty years, gamblers have earned many attributes. Many of them were mostly unflattering. Dr Edward O. Thorpe showed the world that players can regularly win thanks to the use of their head and blackjack skills, but it was not enough to change public opinion. The acceptance of gambling as a common form of entertainment started by the expansion of online poker and a plethora of television programs focused on gambling such as the World Poker Tour, WSOP, Poker Dome and Poker After Dark.

26. 10. 2020
How to Play Craps without dice – with Cards

In some US states, games which results is determined by rolling the dice is prohibited. Surprisingly, this is not one an old law. It came into being in the United States more in 2004. Local casino operators have figured out how to outwit the legislative. They use cards instead of dice.

23. 10. 2020
Introduction of Michael Bluejay’s Betting System

When we talk about the house edge, we always discuss the long-term playing. But in a shorter game, anything can happen. Otherwise, no one would gamble. In the long term, the odds are against you. So take advantage of the short-term deviation and maximize winnings, or minimize losses.

23. 10. 2020
The 6 Biggest Myths about Blackjack

Blackjack is, without a doubt, one of the most popular table casino games. And there are many myths and mistakes associated with blackjack. We have prepared the six biggest myths for you, which we will discuss and explain together.

20. 10. 2020
€15 No Deposit Bonus at Pelican Casino

Start playing in Pelican Casino and get no deposit bonus right after creating an account. Just fill in the registration details, confirm the validity of the e-mail and you will receive free money from the casino.

19. 10. 2020
Blackjack betting system: 1-3-2-6

Betting systems can be an interesting way to enjoy your game. There are many betting systems around the world. According to the available information, no system has yet been found to work reliably. Especially with blackjack, it is best to play according to the optimal strategy and, if possible, also count the cards.

13. 10. 2020
Gambling Legend – Archie Karas, the Greatest Gambler of all Time

If we talk about the legends who sat at the gaming tables, the name Archie Karas should come up first. He is often considered the greatest gambler of all time. He is a man who has won and lost in a few years than an ordinary person could earn in a few lives.

9. 10. 2020
$ 25 No Deposit Bonus at 24VIP Casino

Start your game at the 24VIP casino with an exclusive no deposit bonus. You will receive $ 25 in your account before your first deposit. Just click on the button in the article and register.

8. 10. 2020
Slot titles that revolutionised online gambling.

From its humble beginnings as a simplistic spinning reel game to the digital age, we take a look at the evolution of the classic slot game.