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Basic Tips and Strategies for Three Card Poker

Three card poker is one of the many variations of this popular card game that you can play in online or land-based casinos. Because this is a relatively new game that is not yet known worldwide, we bring you an article about the introduction of this card game, including an explanation of the optimal strategy that leads to the minimization of the house edge.

6. 8. 2020
Casino Games with the Best Chances of Winning

Gambling is about one thing and one thing only. About probability. The higher are your chances of winning, the less you will lose in the long term. So do you know which casino games offer the highest chances of winning?

3. 8. 2020
Edge Sorting – How Professionals Cheats in a Casino

Various advanced techniques in casinos are not used by shady existences but also by mathematical geniuses from MIT. Professional players are also trying to win over the casino in every possible way. Today we will introduce you to a method called Edge Sorting, which is used by many professional players.

27. 7. 2020
6 Unlucky Ends of Lucky Lottery Winners

Not all winners of lotteries or other jackpots lived happily ever after. Many of them certainly even wished she had never won such money. We will focus on such people and their stories.

23. 7. 2020
How Did the First Casino Games Look Like?

When it comes to gambling these days, people usually imagine things like a casino, roulette, slots or blackjack, for example. Have you ever wondered when gambling as such arose? Is it an invention of modern times, or has humanity been used by chance to enrich itself since the dawn of time?

23. 7. 2020
How to Stop Playing Slots

Once slots, or any other gambling game, becomes pathological, it can bring many real problems to people and their loved ones. We will try to advise you on how to recognize problem gambling and how to stop playing slots.

20. 7. 2020
5 Best Books about Blackjack You Have to Read

If you want to become a player who will be successful blackjack, you will have to spend a lot of time studying all possible strategies and probabilities. And from whom else to learn than from the best (and especially the most successful) players in their field.

16. 7. 2020
Get 50 Free Spins No Deposit at Slottica Casino

Claim free spins on slots at Slottica online casino with a new no deposit bonus for all players. As a welcome gift, you get 50 free spins upon registration and a 200% first deposit bonus.

13. 7. 2020
8 things you can have fun in the casino when you’re not playing

A visit to a giant casino is always a great experience for a gambling lover. Therefore, they often like to share this life experience with their loved ones. However, they do not always have to play in their blood. What about them, then? That’s why we bring you eight things that can be done in the casino, apart from playing.