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11. 4. 2018
6 Simple Trick How to Win Slot Tournament

In order to make the players more entertainment online casinos very often launch some kind of slots tournaments. Players chance luck among themselves and try to win as much money or chips as possible. In the case of paid tournaments, the first few selected will also take a cash prize.

22. 3. 2018
13 Most Amazing Gambling and Casino World Records | Infographic

There is no surprise, that in Guinness world record are many of records directly connected to gambling. We picked up the best ones and now you can see them in our world records infographic.

22. 3. 2018
The 11 Craziest Gambling Law around the World | Infographic

Check out the world’s crazies gambling laws. In some cases, you will not believe it is possible something like that. Take a look at our infographics in which we present the funniest of these laws.

6. 3. 2018
3 Wheel Roulette – Roulette as You Might Not Know

There is no doubt about the difference between European and American roulette. Today, however, we will focus on a special type of roulette that some of you may not even have heard. It is an online roulette with three wheels.

14. 2. 2018
Why Online Casinos Offer a Beatable Versions of Video Poker?

Video poker is one of the few games in which, it is possible to turn the advantage of the casino to the side of the player. There are only a few versions of this kind of video poker, of course.

25. 1. 2018
Weekly Reload Bonus 50 Free Spins

Start the new week in style and get 50 free spins in Buran Casino right after the weekend. Just deposit least €50 and contact a customer support for the bonus. The maximum possible payout of these free games is €80.

5. 1. 2018
What Are Your Chances of Winning at Roulette?

Although many players may not believe, the roulette is the pure game of chance. In today’s article, we will describe the probability of winning for individual bets depending on the number of games. Whether it sounds complicated, it’s really easy.

5. 12. 2017
7 + 1 Confirmed Strategies and Tips that Really Work for Online Slots

Surely every one of you has imagined what it would be like to win big at the slots. That’s why we’ve contacted experienced players and some pro gamblers to share their tips and tricks of how to play on online slot machines and to steadily win more.

20. 11. 2017
How Does the Brain of the Addicted Gambler Work? [Gambling Test]

Addiction to gambling is a very serious problem, although it may not seem so at first sight. The biggest issue is that only 21 % of all pathological gamblers undergo any kind of treatment. Most players don’t even admit to themselves that they have a problem.