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Testing Roulette Systems – The Havana System

The system Havana is a relatively unusual gambling system. It is based on the betting of certain numbers within one dozen. First of all, you have to determine the value of the initial unit and distinguish low units from high units. The value of the high unit is two times bigger than the value of the low unit (as following: the low unit = 1 unit, the high unit = 2 units).

12. 11. 2018
Testing Roulette Systems – Double Neighbours System

In another episode of our periodical articles, we have focused on testing of the gambling system which is not probably so famous to you. It is premised on the recurrence of numbers and we made a simulation of 25.000 spins. What outcomes are yielded by using that system?

7. 11. 2018
Testing Roulette System – The Fast System

In this following episode of testing roulette systems, we have focused on another professional betting system – which people have had high expectations for and sometimes even pay for. What results are gained from using the FAST system?

5. 11. 2018
Testing Roulette Systems – 7 Corners System

This roulette system is comparable for example with the Shaun betting system. The canvas is covered a very impressive way, and moreover, there is a big chance to win. But is it really like that?

1. 11. 2018
Testing Roulette Systems – Parlay System

In the following episode of our testing, we have chosen another interesting system called Parlay betting system. Its principle is different from other systems. You usually increase the bet size after a loss, but with the Parlay system, this is the exact opposite. What results are yielded from using the Parlay system?

29. 10. 2018
Testing Roulette Systems – Charlotte System

The Charlotte roulette system’s principle is very similar to the Double 10 system. The difference is that the system using a progression of stakes. We can tell in advance, that very interesting graphs have been yielded from using this system!

23. 10. 2018
Is Casino Software a Fraud? – A Major Debate

I won’t keep you in suspense for long – NO, it’s not! It is painful for me to read some of the idiotic comments by people who think that if they lost despite using their certain-to-be- unbeatable Roulette system, they lost unfairly. The mistake in their theory is right at the beginning: There is no unbeatable system – there can’t be one. I’ve tried to explain this many times – for example in the article called “The biggest myths and mistakes of Roulette players”. But what is casino software like and what are the most common hoaxes?

18. 10. 2018
Testing Roulette Systems – Labouchere System

In another episode of our testing serial, we have focused on another very used system – Labouchere. It may undoubtedly interest you what results are yielded from using of this roulette system.

13. 10. 2018
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