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29. 5. 2020
Blackjack – Where It All Started

Blackjack is a big favorite in the casinos, with more than 100 variations of the game being played all around the world. The game of blackjack is loved by people having a little bit of gambling fun with small stakes through to the high-rollers.

28. 5. 2020
20 Free Spins No Deposit at Webby Slot Casino

All players at Webby Casino can get 20 free spins on Legend of Atlantis slot. Just enter the exclusive promo code, and the free games are yours.

27. 5. 2020
The 5 Biggest Losses in History of Gambling

Each of us has experienced a loss in the games. Sometimes it’s in the order of hundreds or thousands, sometimes more. Do you think you’ve bet a lot? Read the stories of these five people, and you will find that even your unlucky series was not so terrible.

22. 5. 2020
Most Popular Online Casino Game Providers

The online casino industry is growing at a rapid pace, so it’s no wonder that the number of games is getting bigger every day. In today’s market, the number of developers is huge and while most of them are great, some are amazing.

19. 5. 2020
Is eSports a Trend in Betting, or is it Here to Stay?

Following the rise of digitalization, the eSports industry has reached new, unprecedented heights over the last few years, becoming one of the world’s fasting growing markets. However, questions have been asked over whether the growing trend is capable of enjoying long-term success. So, will eSports stand the test of time?

18. 5. 2020
Basic Tips for Craps Beginners

Today, millions of people around the world play Craps, or dice. Both in online and in land-based casinos. And why are dice so popular? Its rules are quite simple and it is a very exciting game. So do not hesitate and try a few rolls as well.

14. 5. 2020
Blackjack Glossary – What is Deck Penetration

Let’s ask a straightforward question. What is deck penetration? In blackjack, it’s about where the cut card is, which shows how many cards will be played before the dealer stops dealing and shuffles decks. Its value is given as a percentage and is one of the essential factors in card counting.

11. 5. 2020
What Are the Odds to Get Natural in Blackjack

The combination of any ten and an ace is the strongest hand in blackjack. Amongst the players, it is referred to as “natural”, and it is the hand that everybody wants to see. If the dealer does not have the combination, the paid out is in a ratio of 3:2 or 6:5. Let’s see how often will you get the natural.

7. 5. 2020
7 Stupidest Bets in Human History

Not all legendary bets have been made in casinos at roulette or card tables. In some cases, alcohol played a role, and in all of them, there was an enormous ego and a little good old idiocy. So we bring you a collection of the seven craziest bets ever placed.