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The Best Blackjack Players in History

Edward Thorpe, Don Johnson and Al Francesco… these are just a few of the names of players who made incredible money thanks to blackjack. Most of them counted cards, but there are also university professors and mathematical geniuses among them. Meet the most successful blackjack players in the modern history of casinos.

23. 11. 2020
5 Things Casino Do Not Want to Tell You

Casinos are very pleased with some information. Such as who won the jackpot and how many were the win. But there are also things they don’t like to publish. So what are their secrets? Read the following lines to find out what you should definitely know before each visit to the casino.

19. 11. 2020
No Deposit 50 Free Spins in Kajot

Get 50 free spins no deposit as the new player in online casino Kajot. Start playing with extra free games and enjoy many other bonuses in Kajot.

18. 11. 2020
Famous Tricks How to Cheat in Casinos

Gambling has always attracted players who want to win by cheating. It does not matter what game you play. As you will see, you can cheat in almost every casino game. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it’s almost impossible. The vision of easily earned money tempt players who try to cheat and come to the money cheating.

13. 11. 2020
The Best Branded Online Slots

In the past few decades, the online slot industry went through a metamorphosis rarely anyone saw coming. Online gambling has become a lifestyle and the favorite pastime of millions of players. Thanks to fantastic technological innovation, it is one of the most lucrative branches in the gambling industry.

9. 11. 2020
Who Are High Rollers in Casinos

Casinos are fighting for these players. High rollers are key visitors to land-based casinos. No wonder, that they often do not have play by the same rules as other players. Casinos provide them with special benefits.

6. 11. 2020
Best Online Casinos in Nigeria

Online casinos are popular all around the world, and Nigeria is no exception. Even though there are only three big land-based casinos, gambling is quite popular. Most of the people are betting online.

5. 11. 2020
Best Online Casinos for Australian Players

Read how to find the best online casino accepting AUD and offering the best and most popular pokies. There are plenty of online casinos which allows Australians to play for the real money. The hard part is to find the right one with the best bonuses and games.

5. 11. 2020
Best Online Casinos for Canadian players: That’s what counts!

Online casinos are very popular worldwide. Even in Canada, there are so many players who play a variety of games in online casinos. Canada is in the top 10 list of online gambling popularity. But how exactly is the gambling in Canada actually regulated? And what does really matter when players are looking for a good online casino?