Nov 5, 2020
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Best Online Casinos for Canadian players: That's what counts!

Online casinos are very popular worldwide. Even in Canada, there are so many players who play a variety of games in online casinos. Canada is in the top 10 list of online gambling popularity. But how exactly is the gambling in Canada actually regulated? And what does really matter when players are looking for a good online casino?

If you are interested in a good provider in this area, you can find reviews on Casino.Guide and inform yourself. There the most diverse online casinos are presented and more closely examined. Here, however, we now give a small overview of what is important for an online casino.

Are online casinos allowed in Canada?

There are many countries that are against gambling on the Internet. Among others, in Germany and Austria, online casinos are a red rag. However, they are tolerated thanks to the EU freedom to provide services. However, there is now movement in Germany. Online casinos are to be approved there from mid 2021. In Canada, however, there are no problems at all. Gambling has been permitted since 1969 both in online casinos and in local gaming halls.

However, gambling is also tied to regulations. For example, it is so that funds from the income must be donated to charity. According to Canadian law, unlicensed providers are not allowed to accept online bets from the Canadian population. However, despite the ban, there are offshore online casinos, poker rooms and other providers that allow Canadians to play.

In general, the rules around gambling in Canada are not as strict as for example in the USA. For example, it is up to each state to determine whether online gambling is permitted in the region. In addition, each region has its own rules, which are different. With the minimum age, it starts. In some regions, players must be at least 18 years old. Other regions allow gambling only from 19.

Discover good online casinos in Canada

Players in Canada also need to take a closer look if they want to play online at the casino. It is important to choose a licensed online casino, because normally only there is allowed to play. So there is also a certain security for players. In addition to the seriousness and security, there are other points that speak for a good online casino.

To mention here is the bonus of online casinos. Most online casinos offer bonus promotions. But there are many differences in terms of bonus conditions. Not every offer is equally good. The sales conditions must already be attractive, so that the players really have the opportunity to meet the requirements. The sales target should therefore not be too high and the sales period should not be too short.

But the range of games on offer is also a decisive factor in choosing an online casino. In Canada, people love to play Blackjack. Therefore, a good offer of blackjack tables is important. Of course, other games such as roulette and slots should not be missing. After all, variety and excitement belongs in online casinos. A colorful mixture of games from different providers is therefore part of it.

Further criteria for a good and respectable online casino are the mobile applications. Many players love freedom and do not necessarily want to be tied to the PC. They also want to play on the go. Therefore a mobile casino is a good choice. Preferably, it is a web app, so that it is simply played through the browser. There is no need to load an extra app on the mobile device, so no memory space is wasted.

Also included are the most important payment options in a good online casino, so that players can make their deposit quickly and easily. Credit cards are part of it. But also eWallets or other fast deposit methods. Also, the payouts should always be fast, so that players do not have to wait forever for the money they have won.

In addition, a good customer support belongs to every online casino in Canada. Especially new players need a little help, so a quick contact is helpful. Preferably, players can contact the support team via live chat around the clock and ask the questions.

Strongly growing market also in Canada

Although Canada already has numerous online players, the market continues to boom. Online casinos are becoming more and more popular, whereas land-based casinos are becoming less interesting. This is certainly also due to the ease of use. After all, nobody has to leave the house. Or if you are on the road, you simply take your mobile device and play over it.

You can play your favorite games at any time without having to worry about opening hours. In addition, there is a huge selection of games in online casinos, which may not be available in the land-based gaming halls. Therefore, it is no wonder that players more and more switch to online casinos and play their favorite games there.

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