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15. 9. 2020
Casino Bonuses Explained for Beginners

Ah, the famous casino bonus, the cornerstone of online casino marketing. Digital gaming platforms cannot do without exciting promotional offers to entice new players to join and to keep existing users engaged as they hunt for life-changing wins.

11. 9. 2020
Explanation of Wagering Requirements on Casino Bonuses

Get thousands of euros upon your first deposit. Sounds great, doesn’t it? You can find a similar offer in all online casinos. It is the most common promotion, which casinos show on websites or in email campaigns. As you can probably guess, these bonuses are not free. How much does it really cost you to get on them?

10. 9. 2020
How to Gamble Safely at Online Casinos 2020

As you almost certainly already know, gambling may be a practice with a history of several thousand years. People have always enjoyed depending on the outcomes of varied sorts of situations. What began as a healthy competitive hobby all those years ago has long become one among the foremost lucrative industries within the world.

2. 9. 2020
How to Count Probabillity in Poker

Math should be and fundamental pillar for any good poker player. As with blackjack, it should have a lead in every decision you make. In today’s article, we’ll show you how you can use probability to improve your poker game.

28. 8. 2020
Calculate the Optimal Bet According to Kelly’s Criteria

The right amount of bet is one of the fundamentals of quality money management. If you cannot meaningfully define it, you will never be able to become a professional player. So how is it done? Just use Kelly’s criterion.

26. 8. 2020
Online Betting vs Online Casinos – How Are They Different and How Are They Similar?

There are many gambling-related activities. The most common, and legal, are casino games and sports betting. Both are extremely popular in land-based and in the online world. In this article, we will look at sports betting and online casinos. We will focus on what these two types of gambling have in common and how they are entirely different.

25. 8. 2020
6 Tips on How to Choose the Best Online Casino

Choosing the right online casino is one of the essential steps for a novice online casino player, so in this article, we would like to present some criteria you can follow when choosing an online casino. One of the main ones is, for example, a valid license. We do not recommend playing in unlicensed casinos!

24. 8. 2020
Psychology of Winning on Slots

Incredibly massive wins on slots can change people’s lives. It does not matter if the players won them on online slots or their mechanical siblings. And unlike the players, the casinos do not like to see these huge winnings. Why? Because big winners tend to play less in the future.

21. 8. 2020
The 5 Best European Casino Resorts

Casinos are not just for gamblers. These are luxurious places where you will feel like a VIP celebrity. In addition to the casinos, such complexes also include restaurants, shops and boutiques, sports centres and, of course, an entertainment program.