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Casino Blog

16. 3. 2020
History of Live Casino

Live casino games exist not as long as online casinos. However, although they were not so popular at the beginning, they survived the initial tough times and are very popular today. Enjoy a stone casino feel right at home – try the live casino.

9. 3. 2020
The Oldest Casino in the World

The first bet in the first casino was made less than 400 years ago. Which is more than 200 years before the construction of the world’s most famous casino in Monte Carlo. The oldest casino in the world, where you can still play is in southern Italy in Venice, and it is running since 1638.

26. 2. 2020
Expected Value of Casino Games

Expected value is an economic-mathematical term which, among other fields, it is used in gambling. Specifically, it calculates the casino advantage. In today’s article, we will show you how to calculate the expected value for individual bets so that you can estimate the expected loss or profit for virtually anything.

2. 12. 2019
Gamification as the Next Step in Online Gambling

Online casinos are trying to do the very best to keep existing customers and find new ones. With progressing technological advancement, new types of casinos, like mobile or virtual, are raising. But there is also an innovative element, which is casino gamification.

26. 11. 2019
Review: Slotomania – the Most Popular Free Slots App

Slotomania is currently the most popular and most profitable online and mobile application imitating online casinos. In particular, it offers free slot machines that you play for a virtual currency that cannot be converted into real money. You can play Slotomania free online slots in your browser or download it on your mobile phone.

4. 11. 2019
What are the most popular casino games in UK

Players in the United Kingdom are well-know for their fond of casino games and sports betting. In today’s article, we are going to look closely on betting habits in the United Kingdom.

23. 10. 2019
Psychology of Gambling – Famous Cognitive Biases

Today’s next article on psychology and gambling will focus on how the cognitive function of the brain is deceiving us in gambling.

2. 10. 2019
Benefits for High Rollers in Online Casinos

Being a high roller is a life of dreams. That is if you can bet thousands of dollars and not be afraid to lose or win millions. These players exist and casinos most value them. So what can you get as a high roller?

27. 8. 2019
Free spins on Coin Master

Coin Master is a top-rated casino based mobile app. The main goal is to build a village, upgrade village and attack other players. For all of these things, you need resources which you can get by winning with free spins at Coin Master Slot.