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Casino Blog

26. 10. 2020
How to Play Craps without dice – with Cards

In some US states, games which results is determined by rolling the dice is prohibited. Surprisingly, this is not one an old law. It came into being in the United States more in 2004. Local casino operators have figured out how to outwit the legislative. They use cards instead of dice.

13. 10. 2020
Gambling Legend – Archie Karas, the Greatest Gambler of all Time

If we talk about the legends who sat at the gaming tables, the name Archie Karas should come up first. He is often considered the greatest gambler of all time. He is a man who has won and lost in a few years than an ordinary person could earn in a few lives.

8. 10. 2020
Slot titles that revolutionised online gambling.

From its humble beginnings as a simplistic spinning reel game to the digital age, we take a look at the evolution of the classic slot game.

7. 10. 2020
How Slot Games Have Advanced Over The Past Decade

The surge of Internet technology has brought online gambling to more users. The experts also stated the growing engagement of younger players. According to the UK Gambling Commission report, the share of players aged 18-24 was 33% in the UK in 2016.

29. 9. 2020
How Are Online Casinos Tested

Like any company, online casinos have internal due diligence performed by independent audit firms. If you are looking for a quality and fair casino, look for certificates from these companies. They guarantee that the casino does not cheat and adheres to a strict code of ethics. Who does these audits and what they checked?

25. 9. 2020
Casino Bonuses Explained for Beginners

Ah, the famous casino bonus, the cornerstone of online casino marketing. Digital gaming platforms cannot do without exciting promotional offers to entice new players to join and to keep existing users engaged as they hunt for life-changing wins.

25. 9. 2020
Most Played Games Casino Games around the World

Do you know what is most played casino game in the world? In every corner of the world, a different game is a bit more popular. Some, such as baccarat or video poker, are quite well known and widespread everywhere. However, some games are, to put it mildly, strange. For example, the Japanese game Pachinko, about which you will learn more today.

23. 9. 2020
How to take full advantage of betting offers and bonuses on offer

Most sportsbooks take full advantage of their current markets and push out promotional offers and discount codes across all platforms. These providers aim to do one crucial thing, and that’s to create a knock-on effect. When the customer receives their first free bet, it usually involves a relatively large cash deposit commitment. Still, some online sportsbooks will give an additional ‘free bet’ when you place a certain number of bets.

21. 9. 2020
Merkur24 – Online Casino for Free

Play slots for free and without risk in the social casino Merkur24 — the popular app for mobile and desktop computers imitating online casinos. Try slots and other casino games for virtual money. Just Register and you can start playing. And what’s the best thing about it? Even if you lose, you will not lose real money.