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Casino Blog

26. 11. 2018
Top 20 Athlete and Celebrity Gamblers

Check out our list of the most famous gamblers in Hollywood and between superstar athletes. Do you want to know which celebrities you can meet in big poker tournaments and which celebrities already lost a fortune in gambling?

23. 10. 2018
Is Casino Software a Fraud? – A Major Debate

I won’t keep you in suspense for long – NO, it’s not! It is painful for me to read some of the idiotic comments by people who think that if they lost despite using their certain-to-be- unbeatable Roulette system, they lost unfairly. The mistake in their theory is right at the beginning: There is no unbeatable system – there can’t be one. I’ve tried to explain this many times – for example in the article called “The biggest myths and mistakes of Roulette players”. But what is casino software like and what are the most common hoaxes?

12. 9. 2018
How to Deposit Bitcoin into Online Casino

As the new era of cryptocurrencies hits the world, many online casinos offer a bitcoin deposit option. This is easy, fast and extremely safe. Read our comprehensive guide and learn how to buy and deposit Bitcoin in an online casino. All you need to do is set up an online account.

7. 9. 2018
Psychology Tricks Casinos Use to Keep You Playing

You all probably have heard about how the casinos have no windows, nor do you find any clock in them, so that players lose the notion of time and play longer. Nevertheless, does this tactic work and is it true? The latest research shows that the most successful casinos are not at all obscene darkened labyrinths.

22. 8. 2018
Harry Kakavas – The Men Who Lost 1.5 billion in One Year

Every gambler has heard stories about incredible loses. All of them but probably fade away in comparison with the story of Harry Kakavas. A real estate mogul who lost only in 14 months about 1.5 billion dollars. In addition, he also lost a long-standing trial with Australian Crown Casino, where he gambled most of his money.

13. 8. 2018
How to Play for Real Money in US online Casinos

Find online casinos for US players with the best bonuses. Most of the well-known online casinos are not accepting players from the United States, because in many states is gambling illegal. US market is because of that not as much attractive. But, there are some operators focusing solely on US players.

13. 7. 2018
11 Best Quotes about Gambling Ever

As you all know, gambling exists for hundreds of years. And many smart words were said or written during that time. So we chose the most famous gambling quotes that have not expired yet, and they can still reach out.

28. 5. 2018
Advantages and disadvantages of mobile casinos

Although mobile casinos are working well for some time, now it becoming better and better. We can blame for it faster and better connections, a significant improvement in software and last but not least the increasing potential of mobile phones and tablets. If you have not tried the mobile casino yet, maybe it’s time, this trend will not be going anywhere.

22. 3. 2018
13 Most Amazing Gambling and Casino World Records | Infographic

There is no surprise, that in Guinness world record are many of records directly connected to gambling. We picked up the best ones and now you can see them in our world records infographic.