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Casino strategy

1. 3. 2021
What is the Famous Gambler’s Fallacy

The gambler’s fallacy is one of the basic psychological tricks that our own brain pulls on us. Let’s look at this phenomenon in detail. Once you understand it, your casino game will improve.

22. 2. 2021
Most Common Mistakes While Playing Casino Games

Learn to play like a pro and avoid the most common mistakes. We have chosen for you the biggest fails at the most played casino games. This article is about what you should never do while playing.

4. 1. 2021
How to Become a Better Blackjack Player

If you are an occasional blackjack player, you do not need any special education or a university degree to become a better player. All you need to know is what kind of game to choose and how to play it properly. Today we bring you a few tips that will help you in your progress.

21. 12. 2020
How to Choose and Play in Mobile Casino

If we talk about strategy, most players who switched from the classic online gambling to the mobile one will tell us that their transition was seamless. In the end, you play the same games, only to use another device, which in this case is either a tablet or a mobile phone.

30. 10. 2020
10 Most Important Rules of Gambling

Over the last fifty years, gamblers have earned many attributes. Many of them were mostly unflattering. Dr Edward O. Thorpe showed the world that players can regularly win thanks to the use of their head and blackjack skills, but it was not enough to change public opinion. The acceptance of gambling as a common form of entertainment started by the expansion of online poker and a plethora of television programs focused on gambling such as the World Poker Tour, WSOP, Poker Dome and Poker After Dark.

23. 10. 2020
Introduction of Michael Bluejay’s Betting System

When we talk about the house edge, we always discuss the long-term playing. But in a shorter game, anything can happen. Otherwise, no one would gamble. In the long term, the odds are against you. So take advantage of the short-term deviation and maximize winnings, or minimize losses.

11. 9. 2020
Explanation of Wagering Requirements on Casino Bonuses

Get thousands of euros upon your first deposit. Sounds great, doesn’t it? You can find a similar offer in all online casinos. It is the most common promotion, which casinos show on websites or in email campaigns. As you can probably guess, these bonuses are not free. How much does it really cost you to get on them?

28. 8. 2020
Calculate the Optimal Bet According to Kelly’s Criteria

The right amount of bet is one of the fundamentals of quality money management. If you cannot meaningfully define it, you will never be able to become a professional player. So how is it done? Just use Kelly’s criterion.

6. 8. 2020
Casino Games with the Best Chances of Winning

Gambling is about one thing and one thing only. About probability. The higher are your chances of winning, the less you will lose in the long term. So do you know which casino games offer the highest chances of winning?