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Casino strategy

11. 9. 2020
Explanation of Wagering Requirements on Casino Bonuses

Get thousands of euros upon your first deposit. Sounds great, doesn’t it? You can find a similar offer in all online casinos. It is the most common promotion, which casinos show on websites or in email campaigns. As you can probably guess, these bonuses are not free. How much does it really cost you to get on them?

28. 8. 2020
Calculate the Optimal Bet According to Kelly’s Criteria

The right amount of bet is one of the fundamentals of quality money management. If you cannot meaningfully define it, you will never be able to become a professional player. So how is it done? Just use Kelly’s criterion.

6. 8. 2020
Casino Games with the Best Chances of Winning

Gambling is about one thing and one thing only. About probability. The higher are your chances of winning, the less you will lose in the long term. So do you know which casino games offer the highest chances of winning?

15. 6. 2020
How Casinos Set The Average Returns?

Most casino enthusiasts have absolutely no idea how casinos set the average return on their games. It could be said that it is a fusion of science and art. Science is, of course, represented by mathematics, which takes into account the probability of winning and losing, the return and the house edge. The art is to judge what is needed to make a profit or how much a casino can lose.

3. 1. 2020
How to Earn Money on Regular Casino Promotion

In recent years, in addition to welcome bonuses, online casinos have also introduced many regular promotions and other prize games. This trend is quite visible, especially in the last year.

5. 10. 2017
Basic Money Management Tips for Casino Beginners

The amount of money one has is in their bankroll stands in direct correlation with the way one handles their funds. Depending on how disciplined a gambler is in money management, he can either go on to have a lot of success or be broke within a short period of time. In this article we will cover how to manage one’s bankroll correctly in order to amass as much money as possible.