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29. 3. 2021
Roulette Tips – Biased Roulette

Roulette is the queen of gambling. Its production is a real craft. Did you know, for example, that each roulette was made individually? Because it is a mechanical device, roulette may begin to lean over time. If it is not regularly maintained.

24. 3. 2021
When to split pairs in blackjack

Learn the best strategies how to split in blackjack. Splitting pairs is one of the most underestimated rules in blackjack by beginners. Even though it is quite simple. We have prepared a cheatsheet so you never split in blackjack wrong again. Read the whole article for more.

24. 3. 2021
Twenty-one mistakes of blackjack players

The game of blackjack in a real casino has its usual practices, code of conduct and strategies. Adhering to procedures is essential to play a safe game. When we speak of a code of conduct, we mean player’s etiquette and not blaming the dealer or other players at the table. Using game strategies will help you win. If you do not comply with the above policies, you will not play the best game you could have. So try to avoid these twenty-one most common mistakes.

24. 3. 2021
Video Poker Doubling

Video Poker is a suitable alternative if blackjack is not an option for fulfilling the wagering requirement (WR), so we decided to introduce you to a doubling strategy that greatly reduces the house edge.

22. 3. 2021
Is there any reason to place side bets?

Among fundamental rules and gambling guidelines, there’s, of course, one about side bets. It says to avoid such bets. And why? Their house edge is very high and such bets are rarely won.

15. 3. 2021
Advanced Strategy for Pai Gow Poker

One of the main advantages of poker in general (as in Blackjack, for example) is the ability to use many different strategies. Yes, the house edge is a bit higher (specifically for Pai Gow, the value of the house edge is 2.5%), but it is still a lot of fun to play. If you follow the basic strategy, you can squeeze the casino’s advantage to the minimum. Today, we will look at several game situations that you can use while playing Pai Gow Poker.

8. 3. 2021
Important Things about Winning on Roulette

It is quite logical that the best roulette bets are also the ones that casino owners hate the most. In all casino games – including roulette – the so-called house edge applies, which means that the player is at a loss to the casino in the long run.

25. 2. 2021
The Real Truth about Betting Systems

Gambling is an incredible inspiration for players who are trying to beat the house. Therefore, a surprising number of betting systems have been invented. There are two basic types of betting systems. And will be discussing both of them in the following article.

12. 2. 2021
Sic Bo – Rules, Bets and Strategy

Do you like to play non-traditional gambling games? So we literally have a delicacy for you. Sic-Bo is an old Chinese game with dice, next to which traditional craps look like a children’s game.