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Other Games

15. 3. 2021
Advanced Strategy for Pai Gow Poker

One of the main advantages of poker in general (as in Blackjack, for example) is the ability to use many different strategies. Yes, the house edge is a bit higher (specifically for Pai Gow, the value of the house edge is 2.5%), but it is still a lot of fun to play. If you follow the basic strategy, you can squeeze the casino’s advantage to the minimum. Today, we will look at several game situations that you can use while playing Pai Gow Poker.

12. 2. 2021
Sic Bo – Rules, Bets and Strategy

Do you like to play non-traditional gambling games? So we literally have a delicacy for you. Sic-Bo is an old Chinese game with dice, next to which traditional craps look like a children’s game.

25. 1. 2021
Caribbean Stud Poker – How to Play

One on one. Player against the casino. It has draw poker rules, but the way it plays is more like blackjack. Caribbean Stud Poker (also known as Caribbean Stud) is a great way to start playing poker at a “higher” level. The only opponent is the casino (dealer), the game has a gradient game-play and you can multiply even the lowest bet up to a hundred times. These are the main reasons why people play this variant of poker.

3. 11. 2020
Introduction of Pai Gow Poker

For the novice player, the Pai Gow poker is the friendliest of the poker games. In online casinos, you can play it against a dealer, even if there are more of you at the table. Pai Gow, a variation on a poker theme, try it. If you play classic five-card poker or Texas Holdem Poker, you won’t have a problem getting into the game. But even a beginner will quickly understand the rules.

5. 10. 2020
Strategy and Tips for of Casino War

It is a game that you probably all know from childhood—simple battle, where the player with the higher card wins. You can find Casino War in some larger casinos or try it for free online. Either way, we’ll give you essential tips on how to minimize House Edge.

11. 8. 2020
Basic Tips and Strategies for Three Card Poker

Three card poker is one of the many variations of this popular card game that you can play in online or land-based casinos. Because this is a relatively new game that is not yet known worldwide, we bring you an article about the introduction of this card game, including an explanation of the optimal strategy that leads to the minimization of the house edge.

7. 7. 2020
Casino Game Let It Ride – Introduction and Strategy

Casino games like roulette, blackjack or poker are more or less familiar to everyone. However, some big casinos also offer games that even experienced players may not have heard of. One example is Let It Ride. A poker-like card game that was a long time ago, especially in the USA, quite popular.

17. 3. 2020
The History of Poker

Poker is one of the oldest games that we still play today. Its exact origins are not known for definite, although historians have a few different theories.

24. 2. 2020
5 Greatest Myths of Keno

Keno is a game with roots that can be traced back to ancient China. Here, the game even saved the city during the war. And over time it became more and more popular. And the more popular the game was, the more myths began to spread about it.