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Guide added 24. 3. 2021

Welcome Casino Bonuses and Other Benefits

Welcome bonuses are now being offered by every online casino. It's one of the most effective ways to lure new players to play. In casinos, you can find many types of welcome bonuses (first to x deposit bonus, no-deposit bonus, free spins etc.). So let's start with the bonuses you get from the casino without having to make a deposit.

No-deposit bonus

The no-deposit bonuses are not as common as the others, but you can still found them in some casinos. Among players, this is a quite popular bonus, because all you have to do is make an account and after that, you get real money to play with.

In some casinos, you must write to customer service. Either directly via a live chat or just send a simple mail in a form that the casino gives you in advance. In some cases, the bonus is credited automatically after you enter the promo code for no deposit bonus. But don’t get excited too early, before you can make any withdrawal, you must meet the conditions. We’ll talk about them later. Some bonuses cannot be withdrawn, they are so-called “sticky”, and they are only for play.

These bonuses are mainly for less trustworthy players who want to try the game for real money but do not want to risk their own. No-deposit bonuses are far smaller than the welcome deposit bonuses. In general, the higher the bonus, the more stringent the conditions for withdrawal. However, it is still a very good offer. Take the chance to beat the casino with his own money. You will not get such an offer at any land-based casino.

Free spins on slot machines

Sometimes no-deposit bonuses are also in the form of x free spins on the slot machines. Suppose you get a 100 spin bonus on one of the slot machines at the casino. Once you have played these free spins, the winning amount will be credited to your casino account. In most cases, however, you cannot withdraw it instantly. During free play, you cannot change the amount of the bet and in most cases the number of lines.

This form of no-deposit bonuses has begun to emerge in recent years. How does this bonus work? It is really easy. After a deposit or registration casino credits you with free play on selected games. In most cases, it’s one or more online slots. After you get the bonus, you simply open a game and start playing.

Usually, there is also a maximum limit to what you can win with these free spins. But on the other hand, many online casinos now offering no wagering requirements free play bonuses. That means, that you can keep all your winnings and withdraw them practically instantly.

Welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and match bonuses

These bonuses are common in almost all online casinos. And they are very popular. Especially for the fact, that they have much easier terms to fulfil than most no-deposit bonuses. Welcome bonuses are also far more valuable. All these bonuses work on the same and very simple principle. You put money into the casino and get x% of your deposit. These values are different, but you will most often encounter with 100%. But in soma rare cases you can also get up to 200% or higher of the bonus.

However, the most common is a 100% bonus. And what does this mean? If the casino adds 100% money to your deposit. So your currency on your account doubles. If you put € 100 and you have a 100% bonus, your balance will be € 200. The same is true with 200%. In this case, you would be credited with € 100 as your deposit and another € 200 as a bonus. You have a total of € 300.

Wagering Requirements for the bonus

So we know about bonuses, now let’s look at the conditions you have to meet to qualify for the bonus to be withdrawable. These terms are generally called Wagering Requirements and you could find them in almost every casinos. So if you expect to put € 100 and get another € 100 just like that, you’re wrong. You must first earn it.

If you are looking for a good entry bonus, look no further than the amount you get. If you’re looking for an excellent bonus focus on information that is written in a very small font. A bid that looks good at first glance will change when the conditions are complete nonsense, especially if you are new to the gambling world. Why? Because the bonus (unfortunately) is not immediately credited to your account.

The entry bonus is credited to your game account or paid out after the minimum deposit or betting requirements have been met. You can move up to 40x playthrough of your deposit or deposit + bonus. Also, keep in mind that the casino will only give you the bonus if your deposit is above the minimum required deposit, say at least € 25. But do not worry, as you will see, even a small bonus can help.

Limited time

Other significant information is that most entry bonuses have a pre-set time for you to qualify for using it. These time and financial conditions are demanding, so rather check them twice. So if you demand a bonus, be sure that it’s in your power to handle it during the time frame. But if you don’t, nothing terrible would happen. Bonus money of free spins would just be subtracted from your account.

Terms and conditions

You will get all the important information about the bonus terms and conditions. Mostly, you can find them directly under the bonus offer or you are referred to them via the link. It’s highly recommended to read them before you apply for the bonus. Once you understand this, you can go to the next section. This is a VIP club and a loyalty program that gives you a slight advantage when playing gambling at the casino.

Games where conditions can be fulfilled

Always keep in mind that you cannot fulfil the wagering requirement on all games. And if so, each of them contributes to the performance differently. There are two situations: some games are excluded from the eligibility criteria, so your options are limited or the bonus is only listed for certain games, such as slot machines. Always remember to check this information before you ask for the bonus.

VIP club and loyalty program

Once you start playing at the real-money casino and you have already got an entry bonus, check out how you can maximize your profits. In this case, it’s a good idea to look at the offers of the VIP club and the loyalty program.

If you are a regular player or just think about it, the VIP Club and Loyalty Program is the best way to get a lot of benefits and interesting offers. Gambling is not just a fun hobby that improves your mind and game skills, but you can also benefit from it. Just ask yourself who does not like to get something extra, especially when it comes to money. So why not play as much as possible?

Most VIP clubs and loyalty programs are based on collecting points called comp points. It works pretty easy. For each dollar you spend, or another predetermined amount, you get a certain number of points. Once you have reached a certain number of points, you can exchange these points for money or something else, like electronics of paid vacation.

The loyalty point rate and other scoring systems vary for each casino, so always make sure you read all the important information and you are perfectly familiar with the program rules. In any case, if you become a regular player in your favourite casino, you will feel like a real high roller thanks to these benefits. Players in a VIP club get great gifts every day.

More bonuses in online casinos

Every casino wants to keep their current customers and bring in new ones and is therefore constantly coming up with new bonuses. Apart from the ones mentioned above, casinos offer many more amazing bonuses. Such bonuses fluctuate between 10% and 15% of the deposits. Every month online casinos offer new bonuses that are irresistible to many players, for example: “Deposit 20EUR and you can immediately receive 100EUR”. Now, during the holiday period, bonuses and rewards are all over the place. Another type of bonus comes on the player’s birthday, for example. Various tournaments also bring big bonuses and money. It’s good therefore to watch many online casinos in order to choose the best one with the best bonuses.

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