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Testing roulette system

16. 4. 2019
Testing Roulette Systems – Oscar’s Grind System

Is this the betting system that you have been waiting for? Is this an interesting system from which you can expect to gain a profit? Has it arrived? How successful was Oscar’s Grind system in a test simulation? You will find out by reading the following article.

18. 3. 2019
Testing Roulette Systems – 10 Double System

The system titled the Double 10 does not rank among the most famous systems. However, its principle is enough intuitive and simple and you can see that relatively often in different periods. What results are yielded by testing?

11. 2. 2019
Testing Roulette Systems – The 300 System

The 300 gambling system is named after a certain amount of units which you bet in your initial stake; therefore this system is relatively demanding on the money.

2. 1. 2019
Testing Roulette Systems – The Holy Grail System

The system, called the Holy Grail, is based on the assumption that numbers will not be repeated in the beginning and follows the principle that when unique numbers come up, these numbers have a higher chance of being repeated. Therefore you follow the numbers which have come up and when 18 unique numbers have been hit, you bet on them with one unit and you continue to play as long as you are making a profit. Then you reset stakes and you wait until 18 new unique numbers have been hit again.

5. 12. 2018
Testing Roulette Systems – The Five Number System

This system called System of 5 numbers is played in the relatively simple way. You choose any 5 numbers and you keep betting on them. The basic series consists of 17 spins with the following progression: in the first 7 spins bet by one unit on each number, in further five spins your bet by 6 units on each number and then you bet 3 times by 11 units and finally 2 times by 16 units. Total bankroll is 510 units altogether.

19. 11. 2018
Testing Roulette Systems – The John Wayne System

In today’s article, we are returning again to your favourite serial about the testing of the roulette systems and we have focused on another, not so used system called the John Wayne betting system.

14. 11. 2018
Testing Roulette Systems – The Havana System

The system Havana is a relatively unusual gambling system. It is based on the betting of certain numbers within one dozen. First of all, you have to determine the value of the initial unit and distinguish low units from high units. The value of the high unit is two times bigger than the value of the low unit (as following: the low unit = 1 unit, the high unit = 2 units).

12. 11. 2018
Testing Roulette Systems – Double Neighbours System

In another episode of our periodical articles, we have focused on testing of the gambling system which is not probably so famous to you. It is premised on the recurrence of numbers and we made a simulation of 25.000 spins. What outcomes are yielded by using that system?

7. 11. 2018
Testing Roulette System – The Fast System

In this following episode of testing roulette systems, we have focused on another professional betting system – which people have had high expectations for and sometimes even pay for. What results are gained from using the FAST system?