Nov 30, 2022
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The Top 10 Most Profitable Online Casino Games

Online casinos offer hundreds to thousands of games. And all players want to know which games they will win the most money on. In our big comparison, we've picked the 10 most profitable games to play at online casinos.

The basic question is, how do I know if a game is good? A right indicator is the so-called house edge.

The house edge indicates how much of each player's bet the casino receives in the long run. The value of the house edge varies from game to game, is mathematically calculable, and must be stated in the game sheet of each game.

For example, if the house edge is set at 5%, then for every €100 the player will get €95 back. So if we are looking for the most profitable games in the casino, we should look for the games with the lowest house edge.

That's why we've done a thorough research and selected the top 10 most profitable games you can play in online casinos.

Jacks or Better Video poker

Jacks or Better is probably the most famous version of video poker in the world. It is popular for its simple rules and accessibility. You can find it in virtually all online casinos.

However, the low house edge is conditional on using optimal strategy. Once you play differently according to this system, the house edge will rapidly rise.

House edge - 0.46%


Blackjack is an extremely popular card game. The players bet against the dealer and their task is to put together a hand as close to 21 as possible. As one of the few gambling games, it is a game of skill. Using the blackjack optimal strategy, you can decrease the house edge quite efficiently.

The house edge can be further reduced when using card counting techniques. However, in online casinos, card counting is not an option. The online game is played with one deck and this deck is shuffled after each playing round.

House edge - 0.5%

Ugga Bugga online slot

Although not much is known about it, even some online slots have a very low house edge. The slot machine with the lowest house edge is Ugga Bugga by Playtech. This is an older game, so it may not be in newer online casinos.

House edge - 0.93%

Mega Joker online slot

Another slot machine with a low house edge is Mega Joker by NetEnt. This is an imitation of classic mechanical slots, which makes it especially popular with older players. With a release date of 2013, Mega Joker is an older slot machine and will be a problem to find in new online casinos.

House edge - 1%


Baccarat is a relatively simple card game that remotely resembles blackjack. The player and the banker play against each other and both have the task of getting as close to 9 as possible. Unlike blackjack, however, there is no optimal strategy or card counting.

You can bet on the player to win, the banker to win, or on a tie. Each bet is differently profitable.

House edge on baccarat

  • Bet on the banker - 1.06%
  • Bet on the player - 1.24%
  • Bet on the tie - 14.36%


Another game with a very low house edge is Craps. This is already quite a complicated gambling game with many bets and side bets. However, it is very popular in land-based casinos. It is mainly due to the social factor of the game.

From all the possible bets that can be placed on Craps, we have selected the most basic and the best ones.

House edge at Craps:

  • Pass/come - 1.41%
  • Don't Pass/Don't come - 1.36%

1429 Uncharted Seas online slot

1429 Uncharted Seas is a nautical online slot game from Thunderkick. Its main feature is up to 50 free spins for scatter symbols. However, it stands out among other slots with a rather low house edge.

House edge - 1.4%

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow poker is a variation of classic draw poker. The difference is that in this type, the player is dealt 7 cards to make two hands. These hands are then compared to the banker's hands and any winnings are paid out.

This is an interesting but lesser-known variant, even though it offers a very favorable house edge.

House edge - 1.46%

Blood Sucker online slot

The Blood Suckers online slot is a legend, especially among experienced online casino visitors. It is so popular that the software company NetEnt even released a sequel, Blood Suckers 2.

The game offers a horror atmosphere, several bonus features, and of course a very low house edge.

House edge - 2%

European roulette

Online roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. It offers several types of bets and at the same time, the whole game flow is easy. There are also a plethora of betting systems and strategies for roulette. But so far, none has worked reliably.

What does work, however, is playing European roulette instead of American roulette. European roulette, which has only one 0, actually has half the house edge.

House edge roulette

  • American roulette - 5.26%
  • European roulette - 2.7%

Use Free Bonuses to Get More Chances of Win

All online casinos offer players interesting cash and non-cash bonuses that will keep you playing longer and give you a better chance of winning. The basic bonus is the Welcome Bonus, which casinos give to all new players. That is not all, some of the most popular bonuses among players include live casino cash back, no deposit free spins, VIP programs, and slot tournaments.

With these bonuses, you can get up to thousands of Euros or hundreds of free spins on selected slots. However, as it happens, all bonuses have their conditions. Therefore, you cannot claim the bonus and cash it immediately. You have to meet the so-called wagering requirements before you can withdraw.

In Conclusion

Some of the best games to play at an online casino are Blackjack and Video Poker. With these games, you need to learn and use the optimal strategy. However, you are still not guaranteed to win. However, these strategies are not complicated and can be easily traced.

A great way to be profitable while playing is the bonuses that practically every casino offers. With these bonuses, it is then important to pay attention to the wagering requirements and other conditions.

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