Jan 13, 2022
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10 Tips That Help You Invent New Casino Game

Do you want to create a new casino game just for friends or for a regular casino? Read these ten helpful hints and tips from best developers, which help you to invent a better game, and importantly more playable one.

Those of you who have been visiting casinos for a long time have certainly noticed that a brand new game would appear from time to time. We are not talking about new online slot machines, which are released practically every, but really a new game with new rules. Do you think you have some good idea of your own? Let's see how professionals do it.

Just 50 years ago, the average casino in Las Vegas had about 200 slot machines, 20 tables. Craps, roulette, blackjack and baccarat were by far the most popular and most played games. Back then it was hard to imagine that it would be different. But everything has changed in the 1990s when Progressive Games, Inc. came up with the revolutionary idea of ​​Caribbean poker.

Caribbean Poker was the first new game to break through to casinos around the world. Then it was followed by new card games such as Casino War or Let It Ride.

Inspired this success, every year hundreds of people are working on new casino games. And casinos are listening. New games attract new players to the tables and increase the prestige of the casino.

If you are interested to invent a new game, we have prepared 10 basic rules, which are followed by professional game makers.

1. The 30 Seconds Rule

The rules of your new game should be explainable to an average smart person within 30 seconds. This is a very important rule. For players, it's a lot easier not to play a new game than to learn some complicated rules. It is also essential that the strategy and overall concept of the game are intuitive.

2. Number of Side Bets

The game should contain a maximum of one side bet. Many developers-beginners make the basic game and then unnecessarily overfill it with a number of extra bets. Their idea is that if the player does not have fun in the main game, it can be compensated by a number of bets. However, such games will not be too successful.

3. The Layout of the Game

The layout of the game should again be simple and intuitive. The inventor should primarily focus on which features can be removed and the game still retains the original idea. The whole project should also use positive "power words" such as win, bonus, happiness, etc.

4. House edge

Games should have a similar house edge to other comparable games. For the basic card game, it is recommended to set the casino advantage somewhere between 2% - 6%. If the game contains a side bet, its advantage should be variable according to the needs of the casino.

5. Name of the Game

The name of the game and the game itself should include words based on the country's culture and gambling.

6. Simple rules

In addition to players, the new game should also be easy to learn for casino employees. Game layout and rules must be designed to minimize dealer mistakes and time to understand the rules. The documentation for the game should be as simple as possible and as fun as possible.

7. Stick to the Cards or Dice

The game should not use tools that are not commonly used in gambling. Dice and cards are sufficient. Using a new tool in the game requires special training for casino staff. This is enough reason for the casinos to reject a new game.

8. Quality Research

Before you create a new game, do market research. Every year, for example, dozens of new Hold'em Poker games are introduced. From this, you can infer that the poker game is quite popular, but the competition is high.

9. Double-check Everything

The game must be, as it is called bulletproof. As a designer, you have to realize that there are always players who will try to find a legal way to exploit mathematical and statistical mistakes in the game. This can be much harder than it seems at first sight. The resourcefulness of those who try to bypass the game in many cases far outweighs the capabilities of developers or casinos. Just remember the MIT Blackjack team and their card counting systems.

10. Give It Time

And the last advice at the end. Be modest. The casino can pay you a lot. But. This is conditioned by the fact that the game will be popular and high rollers will play on it. This usually takes some time.

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