Nov 10, 2017
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11 Myths about Slot Machines That People Still Believe

In in the world of gambling, there is a series of delusions and half-truths between players. A large number of these myths mainly concerns slot machines. Some of them have been among the people for decades. Today we will focus on the most famous.

Myth # 1: Slots Pay for Winnings in Cycles

There is nothing like a "pay-off cycle" in which the slot would pay more than normal. There cannot also be situations where the slot machine was "just before payout". It is important to realize that all casino games - from craps to slot machines to roulette - work the same way. The result is always a matter of chance and probability. There are no mysterious practices that could guarantee you win in any way. Also, the casino itself want the slot machines to work the same way as all other games - quite randomly with a certain percentage of the benefits for the casino.



Myth # 2: You Can Schedule Spin and Win More

Some players really think they are able to schedule a spin at the right time to get the right winning symbols and win more money. But in the reality, the RNG works so fast that no player is physically capable of catching the right moment.



Myth # 3: The Casino Changes the Return to Player Figure over Time

This is a common mistake, casinos cannot interfere with the RNG. RNG cannot be intercepted by anyone other than slot manufacturers.



Myth # 4: Playing the Same Slot Raises Chances to Win a Jackpot

As we have already said, all slot machines have RNGs which causes random results. No one gets your jackpot from you. No matter if you play twenty spin or a hundred. Each spin is random and will not affect further spin. The origin of this myth is relatively simple. In fact, it has happened several times in casinos that the player who went to try the luck to another slot machine and saw someone else just won on his old machine. This does not mean that the jackpot would win the original player.



Myth # 5: If the Slot Machine Has Just Paid off the Jackpot, It Will Not Pay for it for a Long Time

This superstition comes from the belief that the slot machine will not let people win for some time after winning. Players then want to play only on such machines used by other people. The truth is, however, that the probability of winning the jackpot is the same without considering the winning moment. The only thing to change is the size of the jackpot. This is because after winning it is restarted to the seed value.



Myth # 6: Slots Pay More Often When They Are Played with Same Value Coins

A myth based on the fact that the number of coins adjusts paying percentages of the machine. However, the machines are not designed so that the number of coins matters. In fact, each spin has the same chance of winning no matter the coins value or amount.



Myth # 7: Casinos Set up Slot Machines so the Jackpot Is Paid out in the Busiest Hours

Some people saw how the jackpot was won in the hectic hours. So, they believe this was because the casino changed slot’s setting. The casino has an interest in players to get a golden fever, so it is desirable when people to see others win. But there is also another explanation for the reason that jackpots more often paid in peaks. And the reason is that people just play more and therefore there is a greater chance to win.



Myth # 8. On the Slot Where No One Has Won for a Long Time, You Have a Higher Chance of Winning

Here too, the winning combination is determined essentially by the RNG, which still works the same, regardless of the frequency or winning history. Just as with a roulette, when red wins three times in a row, it may seem that at the fourth spin is more likely to fall black. Which, assuming the results of the roulette are random, is not true. Slot machines work the same way.



Myth # 9. There Is an Advanced Play for Slot Machines.

Some gambling games have an optimal strategy or as it is sometimes called the advanced play. In the rare occasion, slot machines are included in this group of gambling games. The truth is, of course, that there is no meaningful advanced strategy for slots. Slots are a game of randomness and luck. The only thing the player can do to increase the chances of winning is to learn how to play online slot machines with the highest return to player figure.



Myth # 10. The Free Games Have a Different Payout Than a Real Money Game

Many players are convinced that online slot machines which you can try for virtual money at casinos are differently set up beside the same real money games. This statement is again not true. No company can release two versions of the same machine. Return to player and RNGs are controlled by independent audit firms and it has to be the same for both versions.



Myth # 11. Online Slot Machines Are Set up Differently From Land-based Slots

In some forums, you can still find players who say they prefer to play on a land-based slot because online slot machines can be remotely modified to handicap players. In fact, both versions work on the same principle. The results of the individual spins are determined by the random number generator, which is practically identical in both cases. Moreover, online slot machines have even a slightly higher return to the player than their land-based siblings.



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