Sep 13, 2022

14 Tips and Tricks to Help You Win When Playing Online Roulette

Since it doesn't involve special skills, most people believe that roulette is one of the simplest games to play. But that is untrue as most players end up handing the house advantage because of this false assumption. You can easily improve your chances of winning at roulette by using a few basic gaming approaches and a keen eye for detail.

If you enjoy the excitement of turning the wheel but are interested in learning how to win at roulette every time, read on. You will learn how to turn the odds in your favor, increase your chances of winning, and gain an added advantage over the casino by following straightforward advice. Below are a few tips and tricks you need to know to play online roulette successfully.

1. Bet smart

In the end, roulette is a roll of the dice. You may place bets more wisely if you know the realistic odds, the variations in house edges on every wheel, and the associated rewards. The chances are stacked against you, even though cherry-picking inside numbers occasionally could be enjoyable.

2. Know payouts and odds

Roulette is a battle of odds and having this in memory will undoubtedly aid you in the foreseeable future. Knowing the odds of winning and the payouts for different bets in roulette can help you formulate a plan.

3. Choose the right Roulette wheel

American roulette, European roulette, French roulette, multi-ball roulette, and multi-wheel roulette are some of the many game variants available. However, the wheel represents the most significant distinction.

American version roulette game, which includes a 00 in addition to standard 0 and 0 on the table, has the lowest house edge of any variation at 5.67%. However, there is only one green 0 on the table in the European (and French-based) variant, giving these houses an edge of about 2.7%.

Consider preferring European roulette over American roulette if possible. The house advantage will reduce by about 2.97% thanks to the introduction of the single zero.

4. Say no to five-number Bets

At first appearance, the "five-number bet" or the "basket bet" might seem like an interesting proposition. On the American roulette wheel, the rewards for the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 are all 6 to 1. However, the true odds of this wager offer the casino a house margin of approximately 7.8%, which means that you lose money even if you win.

5. Use Bonuses

At every reputable online casino, incentives like welcome bonuses, promotions, and loyalty bonuses are a regular practice. We will give out these bonuses in various forms. Using the extras provided is a fantastic way to test out different strategies without risking your own money before participating in online roulette games.

6. Read Roulette Guides

If you play roulette online utilizing all the instruments available, your odds of winning will unquestionably increase. You'll find everything you need in our in-depth lessons, whether you're a total novice seeking a crash course on the game's rules and regulations or a seasoned pro trying to sharpen your edge with roulette tactics and payouts.

7. Practice Roulette Demo

Playing a few rounds of free online roulette to get acquainted with the play and speed will help you understand the odds, rewards, and optimum bets to place. You can practice different techniques and try out different game variations without worrying about losing any of your own money before committing to playing for real.

8. Brush up on the rules

Even though roulette is one of the simpler casino table games to understand, it is still an important idea to familiarize yourself with the game's rules to increase your chances of winning. When intending to play for real money at online casinos, it is advantageous to be aware of subtle differences between the games. It will give you a favorable position over the casinos.

9. Start big

Focusing solely on the one-number bumper win to cash in at the casino is unnecessary. The black/red and odd/even bets are good examples of low-risk, high-odds wagers. Even though the returns are usually poor, you can still try to use double your money by betting on inside numbers that are only one or two digits high.

10. Classic martingale strategy

The Martingale betting strategy has been a fan favorite among roulette players for a long time. This technique recommends recouping losses by increasing the amount wagered after each loss. Ultimately, the objective is to achieve this one victory to cancel out all of the previous failures. On the other hand, this betting strategy calls for a more conservative approach in which the bettor only places bets on black or red.

11. Place multiple corner bets

At the beginning of the game, you should place many corner bets to increase your chances of winning the roulette game. However, pick the side that's closest to the random digit. Because they offer better odds of winning and a smaller advantage for the house, corner bets are considered one of the most secure wagers.

12. Shun away from single-number bets

You may expect a return of 1:35 on inside bets on a single number, right? Your prospects of winning aren't very good. You should play games like this less frequently and focus more on games that provide more favorable odds if you want to add your chances of winning.

13. The bond strategy

If you're just getting started with roulette, you might want to try out the Bond method, which involves making three bets at once. Ten dollars goes on zero, one hundred and forty dollars on the numbers 19–36, and fifty dollars on the numbers 13–18. Since the ball can only land on a number between 1 and 12, your odds of losing will much reduce.

14. Fibonacci Rule

The goal of this tactic is to recoup your losses and maintain a narrow advantage. Every third wager must equal the total of the prior two unsuccessful bets.


Although online roulette is one of the worst gambling options from a purely mathematical perspective, it remains a favorite among gamblers. As a result of its accessibility and simplicity, it has gained widespread popularity among players. Even if it's slow, online roulette nevertheless manages to delight players.

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