May 3, 2021

3 Simple Tricks How to Increase Payouts at Slots

Payouts on slot machines are one of the basic information that every slot player should know about. This is because it directly determines how much the slot machine is winning in the long run, or rather non-winning. The goal of every player should be to play games with the highest possible return to player figure.

You can also see very similar behaviour with professional poker players or card counters. They also play only if the advantage is on their side or at least it is very low on the casino side. The gamble should be fun, but it's all about money, so why lose it meaninglessly.

It is especially hard when it comes to slot machines. Each spin is random and slots are strictly a game of chances. Believe it or not, you can influence the payback of the machines. Sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly.

1. Find the machine with the highest payback

Frank Scoblete, a well-known craps player, describes in his book a meeting with his guru, a legend known as The Captain. He gives him good advice at one of their first meetings: "Don't play casino games with a high house edge. It offers higher payouts, but you will definitely lose more money in the long run.

Every slot player should stick to the same advice. Each online slot machine offers a different payback rate, or RTP (return to player). The higher the RTP number, the lower are your losses. Especially if you play often.

You can find RTP in the information sections. Most online slots have a payback rate of around 96%. You should not play games that offer a lower payback.

White King RTP

Poltava RTP

2. Play as a maximum bet when it pays off

The size of the individual bet should always be based on your total bankroll. For most slot machines, you can adjust your bet, so there's no problem. The question is again whether to play for the maximum bet.

Given the negative expectations, you just spend your bankroll faster. On the other hand, in some situations, it may be better to play for more money. Specifically, when higher bets unlock other features of the game or progressively increase payouts for each winning line.

As we have written, a higher bet can also unlock bonus features, such as a wild symbol multiplier or others. Activating these elements has an adequate impact on the return to a player figure and it is advisable to activate it on even if it costs more money.

3. Use comp points and casino promos

Comp or loyalty points are special benefits given to players for every bet they make. And now, in real terms, we will show how to use these comp points to really increases the return on all games.

For example, let's say you earn 1 point for every € 5 spent on slot machines. 100 points can be exchanged for € 5. Therefore, for every € 500, you can withdraw € 1 in cash. Easy calculation, then we find that for every € we return € 0.002, then the return to a player will rise by 0.2%. It's not much, but even tenths of a percent count in gambling.

The key factor to this point is also to find the right online casino which offers this kind of promotion. Not every casino does that.

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