Mar 6, 2018

3 Wheel Roulette - Roulette as You Might Not Know

There is no doubt about the difference between European and American roulette. Today, however, we will focus on a special type of roulette that some of you may not even have heard. It is an online roulette with three wheels.

As you can see in the picture, it is a classic European roulette, except that it contains two additional wheels. There is still only one slot in the middle to capture the ball. All 3 wheels are spinning independently of each other, so after the end of the game, the roulette generates 3 different results. One number can appear in the result twice or even three times.

3 Wheel Roulette

How Does 3 Wheel Roulette works?

All bets you make are multiplied by 3x

For example, if you bet € 5 on red, the bet is automatically raised to € 15.

  • € 5 on the red for the first wheel
  • € 5 on the red for the second wheel
  • € 5 on the red for the third wheel

If roulette results are:

  1. spin - 19 red
  2. spin - 22 black
  3. spin - 34 red

Your win will be € 10:

  • 1st round red wins = € 5 x 1 = € 5
  • 2nd round black loses = € 5 x 0 = € 0
  • 3rd round red wins = € 5 x 1 = € 5

Note: You cannot bet on only one roulette wheel. All bets you make are automatically multiplied by three and applied to each of the wheels.

Note: 2: Moreover, it is also not possible to bet on one of the wheels more than another. All bets are automatically the same high.

Probability, Payouts and House Edge on 3 Wheel Roulette

For each individual bet, the chances of winning and payouts are exactly the same as for the European Roulette:

Bet Payout Probability
Colour 1:1 48,65 %
Even/Odd 1:1 48,65 %
High/low 1:1 48,65 %
Dozen 2:1 32,34 %
Column 2:1 32,24 %
Six line 5:1 16,22 %
Corner 8:1 10,81
Street 11:1 8,11 %
Split 17:1 5,41 %
Straight 35:1 2,70 %

Interestingly, the probability and house edge remain the same for the 3 Wheel Roulette. As mentioned earlier, it is the same as 3 individual spins. House edge stays at 2.70%, which is a very good news because new roulette variations usually have a higher casino advantage.

Special bets

Just not to be a copy of the European roulette, special bets are added to the 3-reel roulette.

Bonus Bet Explanation Payout
Colour Up 3x same colour 2x
Pair 2 same numbers (e.g. 11,11,5) 5x
Straight 3 numbers in the row (e.g. 9,10,11 or 12,14,13) 10x
Pair Zeros 2x 0 25x
Triplet 3 same numbers (e.g. 10,10,10) 100x
Triplet Zeros 3x 0 1200x

You cannot bet on these bets individually, but instead, you just make a side-bet, which covers all above. Just remember, that before you start chasing amazing payouts, house edge for this side bet is significantly higher.

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