Jun 28, 2021
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4 Unbelievable Casino Stories

The gambling industry seemed to be attracting madness of all kinds. We've picked some hard-to-believe stories for you that have been related to casinos or gambling.

Stories of incredible human determination and happiness that make ordinary people exceptional. Exactly such stories then fill positions in the news. We bring you some crazy stories from the casino environment.

Mr Moneymaker's Fairy Tale

The almost real fairy tale story experienced Chris Moneymaker, a well-established poker player today. As an accountant at a smaller company in 2003, he sat down for his first poker tournament in his life. At the time, he didn't even believe he could win. After all, it was the prestigious World Series of Poker and Moneymaker was sitting at a table with the best players in the world. And against them the complete amateur Chris, who qualified for the tournament via the online casino tournament.

Worthy of the name, Chris Moneymaker won the main event in 2003. On the way to victory, he defeated 878 players, including former two-time champion Johnny Chan, Phil Ivey and Samma Farha, taking home more than $ 2.5 million from the tournament.

It is this story that has inspired millions of amateur players around the world over the past ten years and showed them that virtually anyone can reach the top.

Double Win on Megabucks Slot

War veteran Elmer Sherwin took home the first $ 4.6 million win from the Megabucks slot machine 10 hours after the opening of The Mirage's new casino. At that time, the 76-year-old player certainly did not make the owners of the new casino happy.

Elmer Sherwin must have liked the Megabuck slot machine because he didn't stop playing it in the next stages of his life. And he did well. The second progressive jackpot on this infamous American slot machine hit 16 years later in 2005. At that time, it took home a significantly higher amount, as much as $ 21.1 million. Sherwin already knew at the time that he wouldn't enjoy winning at the age of 92, so he donated a substantial portion to various charities.

Megabuck is probably the most popular land-based slot machine with a progressive jackpot. During its nearly 30 years of existence, the slot has payout more than $ 1.3 billion on prizes. The estimated chance of winning the Megabuck jackpot is calculated at 1 in 49,836,032.

A Lady Who Couldn't Roll the 7

Patricia Demauro, a dice player, was even happier than Elmer Sherwin with his slot machine. When the lady got her hands on the dice at the Borgata Hotel Casino in Spain, she showed something that almost contradicted the laws of probability. In 4 hours and 18 minutes, out of a total of 153 rolls, she never got the number 7, which would eliminate her.

If you're not very good at probability calculations, we've done the task for you. The chance of something like this happening is 1.56 trillion to 1. Just for fun, if Patricia Demauro wanted to repeat the same series, according to the laws of probability, she would have to roll the dice 24 hours a day for 5,045,662 years.

The Longest Poker Game

Poker player Phil Laak has shown superhuman determination and stamina. He decided to break the record for the charity Camp Sunshine in a continuous game of poker. Initially, Phil was only supposed to play for 80 hours at a time, but in the end, he beat himself by another day and a half and stayed at the card table for 115 hours, less than five days!

According to the rules, Phil was allowed to take a break for 5 minutes once an hour, with available breaks accumulating. Even more surprising is that he managed this whole incredible marathon without any stimulants. He did not drink coffee or use other legal or illegal substances at the table. He said that only a good lifestyle and regular training are behind its endurance. At one point, he even left the table and did 30 push-ups for a $ 1,000 donation to a charity.

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