Mar 28, 2017
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5 Things Casino Do Not Want to Tell You

Casinos are very pleased with some information. Such as who won the jackpot and how many were the win. But there are also things they don't like to publish. So what are their secrets? Read the following lines to find out what you should definitely know before each visit to the casino.

Single-Deck Blackjack

Recently, more and more casinos are starting to offer blackjack, which is played with only one deck of cards. And they advertise it properly. Believe me, these versions of the game are quite popular because more experienced players know that this type of blackjack is best for them.

There are two sides to every story. The vast majority of single deck blackjack, however, has other rules in favour of the casino. The payout ratio for blackjack is most often 6-5. And players don't always like to hear that.

Normally, casinos payout 3-2 or 7.5-5 for Natural blackjack. This means that if you bet $ 5 and get blackjack, your winnings will be $ 7.5 (unless the dealer has a blackjack, too). However, if the payout ratio is only 6 to 5, you will only win $ 6, a dollar and a half less.

In addition, there is a change in the number of Natural blackjacks during the game. With the single-deck version, you get it on average once every 21 games or about 4 times an hour of play. This adds about a 1.4% advantage to the casino side, making the game a worse version than the classic multi-deck version. But no casino will tell you this information!

Electronic Tables on Roulette

You have probably seen these information boards on electronic or online roulette. This device automatically records the last 20 games, i.e. numbers and its colours. At first glance, it may seem that the casino is doing you a favour. You know what colour is "hot" or what number hits most often.

And how is it in reality? This information is as relevant as if it were predicted by an oracle from a crystal ball. Roulette has no memory and past rounds do not affect the future ones. This board only gives you company while playing. But of course, the casinos are no longer proud of that.

An Average Return of 99% on Slots

As soon as you go to the casino, signs will flash at you from all places, attracting you to their ultra-advantageous slots. But what they won't tell you is a single word. Their slots have an average return of up to 99%.

And you never know which machine has which return. So it is possible that even if you think that a slot machine is not more advantageous, you can play on a slot with a return of only 93%.

Betting Systems

Casinos love players who think they have a guaranteed betting system to beat the casino. So if you make it clear that you plan to spend more money at their casino, let them know. They will come for you in a limousine offer you the best possible room and, of course, you will have free food and drink as long as you bet using your system.

Do you think managers are worried about breaking a bank? Hardly. They know all the conditions very well and mathematics gives them clear evidence that you cannot beat the house in the long run. People have been dealing with betting systems for hundreds of years. They never worked, they do not work now and they will not work in the future.

But of course, casinos won't tell you that information either. And at least you know why.

Video Poker with the advantage of the player

Some versions of video poker, such as the Double Deuce Bonus, have a return of more than 100%. This is one of the very few games of chance that offer such conditions. At first glance, it may seem that the casino will try to hide these machines. However, the opposite is true. You will often find them displayed in the middle of the hall and very well lit.

What no one will tell you is that you need to use the optimal strategy for these versions. Otherwise, you will not get similar numbers. These games also offer a very low denomination. The maximum bet often does not reach even one dollar per round. Thanks to this, the profit is minimal even during a longer game.

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