Sep 7, 2017

How to Deal With Anomaly in Baccarat

One of the first things what is taught to baccarat players is that given the enormous house edge on tie this bet is a taboo. However, as you will see in this article, there is a more acceptable type of baccarat in which the tie bet will not cost you much.

Depending on the size of the house edge, the best bet is on the banker (house edge 1.06 percent), followed by a bet on the player (house edge 1.24 percent).

But the bet on the tie? On the one hand, the payout is very nice (8: 1), on the other hand, is crushing house edge which climbed to 14.4 percent.

If we want to express directly in money, it would be worth it:

  • $ 1.06 of every $ 100 bet on the banker
  • $ 1.24 of every bet $ 100 bet per player
  • $ 14.35 from each bet of $ 100 on a draw bet

You Cannot Change the Edge

All of these numbers are fixed and you cannot do anything with them. So, if you decide to play baccarat, always remember that the best bet for you is only player or banker bets. Leave the tie bet to beginners.

But what happens when the payout ratio changes? What if the casino offers instead of the usual 8:1 win with a payout of 9:1?

Do you wonder? We also wondered, but after closer investigation, we only found a few US players who seen this payout at casinos. Nevertheless is exists, so Wizard of Odds experts on their site immediately provided the house edge value for this special form of baccarat. For eight-deck games, which is a normal situation for the baccarat, the home edge value of the tie payout 9:1 drops to 4.8 percent.

As you can see, these are far better conditions than traditional house-edge of 14.4 percent, but it's not a fairly good bet either. There are still many better bets in the casino.

The Best Bet on the Banker

Bet on the banker wins more often than loses. It wins on average 45.9 percent of all game rounds. House edge represents the 5% commission that the casino takes with each winning bet. This also determines the house edge value (1.06 percent).

In the past you could see a 4% fee, and that's why the house edge dropped to 0.6 percent - the same situation as if a player using the basic blackjack strategy chooses a six-pack game where the dealer pulls on a soft 17.

There is no need for a player's bet, this bet wins in 44.6 percent of games, or in 49.2 percent of games with a decision. If you bet on a banker or player, the tie bet means losing.

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