May 18, 2020

Basic Tips for Craps Beginners

Today, millions of people around the world play Craps, or dice. Both in online and in land-based casinos. And why are dice so popular? Its rules are quite simple and it is a very exciting game. So do not hesitate and try a few rolls as well.

Several improvements have given craps popularity and mass expansion. First, the layout of the game screen was changed, and then new rules were added to prevent any cheating during the game. So this was the first and also the last big revolution in the craps, thanks to which this game has risen among the most popular and most played games of chance in the world.

It is important to know the basic rules

Understand the principles of craps/dice is quite simple. But first, you have to learn the basic rules of this amazing table game. Up to 20 players can play at the table. This table has three parts. The first two parts are located on each side of the table. The third of them is at its head. The two side parts are precisely the same, and two players share the middle section.

Two dice are used in the game. Players are only allowed to roll the dice only with one hand. If one of the dice falls off the table during a roll, the stickman first checks it before returning it to play. The dice are changed once every eight hours. In addition to the players, you will also find a dealer, a pitcher, a stickman and a boxman at the game table as well.

The first roll of the round is called Come Out Roll. This occurs if the shooter fails, i.e. the winning combination is not suitable (seven or eleven will fall). Any player can become the shooter during the game. On the other hand, the shooter can also give up this position and the next player starts rolling.

Different types of craps bet

Betting on craps and understanding them is very important for the game. There are several types of bets in this game. They are:

  • Pass and Don't Pass Line bets
  • Come and Don't Come bets
  • Place bets
  • Field bets
  • Odds bets
  • Big Six
  • Big Eight
  • Proposition bets

So to get started, just learn which bets are good for you. And these are Pass Line bets, Odds bets, and Come bets. And you ask why? Well, of course, it's because the value of their house edge is the lowest.

At the Pass Line bet, the casino's advantage is only 1.41%. And this bet is very popular among players, even though it is not the most advantageous. You win the bet if the shooter rolls seven or eleven. If come up 2, 3 or 12, the player loses. When a number other than the one mentioned above falls, this number becomes a point. The shooter must then roll the same number before the seven falls.

Odds bets are bet at the Pass Line bet. If a point is thrown, you can place an Odd bet within your pass line bet. The Odd bets at craps have zero house edge, which is very rare. It is more or less the same bet as Pass Line, but you cannot bet it during the first round. A point must first be determined.

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