Mar 8, 2021
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Battle of Sexes - Who Gamble better? Men of Women?

Since the beginning of time, both sexes have been competing to see who is better at what. Today we will look at the difference between a woman playing and a man playing.

Who do you see at the casino table more often - a man or a woman? We all grew up on casino-themed films featuring mostly men. And although in land-based casinos, we still find men more often. To be fair, female players visit casinos as well.

Attendance at casinos

♂ Men - 82%

♀ Women - 18%

The increase in women's interest in gambling correlates with the degree of its legality. International statistics show that in countries where the gambling industry is entirely or partially illegal, women's interest is insignificant.

Why Men Play and Why Women Bet

First, it is necessary to focus on the motivation to play. Leaving aside the financial side of gaming, which is the same for both sexes, men prefer to gamble because of the excitement and the action. According to research, most women use gambling as an escape from a stressful life situation or as a way to relax.

Differences are in the reason why men and women visit the casino. Men who go to the casino are more likely to kick up the alpha male mode, and the main motivation is to show how well they can play games or how much they can win. Women will be more interested in the social aspect of visiting the casino. They enjoy the company and the non-gaming offer of casino services more.

Favourite Games

Men in casinos prefer card games like Blackjack or Poker. They choose such games where it is possible to use skill to get better results. We should say that although poker, for example, is more of a male affair, it does not mean that women cannot dominate the game. Good examples are poker queens Vanessa Selbst, Kathy Liebert or Annie Duke.

However, statistics and research show that women prefer games of chance. In particular, mechanical slots or online slots are prevalent among females. The reason for this will probably be the mesmerizing effect of slots, which allows people to escape reality for a while.

Interestingly, slots, which are primarily targeted at men, are very popular with women. For example, games based on film or comic books such as The Dark Knight Rises or Iron Man.

The Decision-Making Process of Men vs Women

The research on the decision-making process could answer who plays better by neuroscientists Mary Mather and Nichole R. Lighthall, who have been working on this topic for a long time. According to their study, the decision-making process is the same for both sexes. Men and women first gather relevant information, compare possible risks, and choose the most appropriate option.

The difference then comes when people perform under pressure. The neuroscientists' team passed a series of gambling tests with volunteers and came up with intriguing findings. Men with increased levels of stress made more hazardous bets with higher possible winnings. Women bet the opposite. They prefer a lower but more secure win.

Average Losses for Males and Females

Average annual losses

♂ Men - $5766

♀ Women - $4124

We can see that men lose in gambling more money than women. This fact may not yet be the objective truth that women are better players. It only means that men play more and more often. According to research, a man spends 21 months playing life. On the other hand, women gamble less by one third, i.e. 14 months. Men are also generally willing to put more money into playing than women.

Average deposit

♂ Men - $150

♀ Women - $104

In conclusion

It is quite challenging to determine which gender plays better. Men don't win as often as women, but when that happens, it's worth it. As a result of the ratio of average deposits and average losses, they both are the same. So it's a draw.

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