May 14, 2019

The Best Bets in Roulette

Do you know what the best bets on roulette are? We summarised all the possible bets and chose the top ones. Make only the bets with the highest chance to win from now on.

One of the critical factors that make roulette, so fun is just the amount of bets with different pay ratios and probability. As more experienced players know, in principle, roulette bets can be divided into two main groups - Inside and Outside Bets. Inside bets are on single numbers or a small cluster of numbers. Outside bets are on large groups of numbers as red-black bets, high-low bets or even-odd bets.

These roulette bets are listed on the table and are quite familiar pretty much for everyone who wants to know how to play roulette. The most commonly used are the so-called Even bets (red-black, high-low, even and odd).

Probability and Payout for Inside and Outside Roulette Bets

Roulette Bet Win Probability
Red/Black 1 48.6%
Even/Odd 1 48.6%
High/Low 1 48.6%
Dozen 2 32.4%
Bet Line 5 16.2%
Corner 8 10.8%
Street 11 8.1%
Split 17 5.4%
Straight 35 2.7%

The table only includes the numbers from the European roulette. Type of roulette online with only one zero. Because this roulette has better chances in general. If possible, never play American roulette (double zero).

The Best Bets on Roulette

You need to know more than probability and payout to find the best bets on roulette. The key factor is also the so-called House Edge or Expected Return as economists would say. House edge represents the amount casinos earn in the long run from a particular game or bet. With that logic, the key is to find bet with the Lowest House Edge.

Roulette Bet House Edge
Red/Black 2.7%
Even/Odd 2.7%
High/Low 2.7%
Dozen 2.7%
Bet Line 2.7%
Corner 2.7%
Street 2.7%
Split 2.7%
Straight 2.7%

As you can see, every bet in roulette has the same house edge. That means that in the long run, it doesn't matter what bet you choose to use. Most players bet Even bets because of the almost 50/50 probability. That includes most of the types of roulette.

What majority of players do not know, there is a subtype of European roulette which offers even better bets. On some French roulettes, there are two specific rules:

  • En Prison house edge – 1.35%
  • La Partage house edge – 1.35%

En Prison and La Partage are the best bets in roulette. There is no other combination or a single bet with better chances.

En Prison and La Partage Bet Explained

La Partage and En Prison bets are the most popular bet at roulette. But it is not easy to find them. Both bets have one thing in common. They apply only to Even bet (red/black, even/odd, high/low). Let’s start with the La Partage rule first.

La Partage is a French word for “sharing of dividing”. Whenever a ball lands on the zero, all even bets are divided in half. The first half goes to the casino, and the other goes back to the player.

En Prison means “in prison”, and the rule works a similar way. Whenever a ball lands on zero, all active bets are marked and kept on the table. If the second roulette spin wins the original bet, the total full is goes back to the player.

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