Apr 19, 2022

The Most Common Methods of Blackjack Cheating

Believe it or not, but some players cheat at playing blackjack and do it very often. They found out that in many casinos, you are unable to count cards. This is especially true for houses, which use automatic card shufflers, or their staff know the card counting strategies.

Casinos defend against card counters in many ways. One way is the low penetration of the deck. This eliminates the possibility of team play. They are also cautious of "Wonging", a method of card counting brought to the world of blackjack by Professor of Economics Stanford Wong. Another option is to mix the deck after each game.

As you can see, counting cards is not easy; in fact, it is almost impossible today, especially if you play against experienced dealers and pit bosses who know most card counting techniques.

In the beginning, we would like to point out that we do not approve of casino frauds or any form of cheating. Some of these frauds are felonies with the risk of imprisonment for up to several years.

Playing with Inexperienced Dealers

It is common knowledge that inexperienced dealers make mistakes during the game. They miscount the cards or pay you a win when they should not. If this happens, players who cheat will not notify the dealer of his mistake. This happens most often when both the dealer and the player have 17. The dealer then pays out the player, even if he should not. Some players also actively assist the dealer in making such mistakes.

And which way? For example, if they bust, they place additional chips in front of the empty chair and hope the dealer pays the win to a bet that did not have cards. More experienced players or former casino staff will surely confirm how easily an inexperienced dealer pays a blank spot during a chaotic game. Especially if more players split or doubled during the game. In this case, the cards are spread all over the table and the situation is very confusing.

Sliding the Chips and Other Tricks

This style of cheating in blackjack, which we will now introduce, cannot be done in every game, but if this happens, some players can use it in a blink of an eye.

For example, if a player has 15 against a dealer's 9, he makes a vague hand movement. The dealer sees this move and gives another card to the next player. If the card is of the correct value for the cheating player, he starts claiming that he actually wanted that card.

Such behaviour exceeds all limits, but it is not even the worst. While doubling, some players place their chips on the original bet instead of putting it next to it. An experienced dealer will notice this error and notify you. The bet is then removed, and the game continues.

However, if you are playing with an inexperienced dealer, you may not notice this move and then ask if you want to double. So you will, of course, take advantage of this situation and you will double. And now, you have four times the original bet on the table, which is a definite advantage for you.

Very often, you can also see that players manipulate chips after cards are dealt. Once a player sees an advantage, he uses a swift trick to place a high chip under the stack of chips. Many professional cheaters made thousands of dollars with this trick.

More Sophisticated Scams in Blackjack

However, these described frauds use only inattention. One of them is, for example, marking cards. Most often, players mark cards with the nail with the edge or by another method. However, this is only possible if you are playing at a table where you can manipulate the cards. We mean, take them into your hands. Casinos prevent this by allowing only the dealer to handle cards. In some cases, ultra red light lights on the cards, revealing invisible markings.

And what do players want to achieve? By marking cards, you can find out what the dealer hides under the down-card, which gives you a significant advantage.

Some of the more technically advanced scams also involve the use of cameras and computers systems. These methods can take many forms. For example, players use computers and advanced algorithms for card counting techniques. Although counting cards is not illegal, using any device is prohibited.

The casino staff also often encountered the situation when players brought a special microcamera to see the dealer down-card. Nowadays, however, most casinos use camera or telephone jammers, making this kind of blackjack scams virtually impossible.

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