May 25, 2023
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Can You Play Online Bingo in the US?

Online bingo is often included on US betting sites. However, the accessibility of this game depends on where you are based in the US.

The popular game of chance, where players pick numbers to be called from a set list, was often played in person. Previously, the game was a popular pastime in certain US states. It was also seen as a social event, where people would meet at bingo halls and other establishments to participate in the activity.

But in-person bingo for real money can only be played in certain US areas and states, such as New Jersey and Nevada. Alternatively, some states, like Florida, have charity bingo or other non-money style games. Through this setup, organisations can host non-profit bingo events and put the earnings towards charitable enterprises.

The option to play without real money is also expanding into online gaming to provide bettors with more choices. According to information on, sweepstake rules have allowed online bingo sites to be available in most US states. Due to this, players can often find free-to-play online bingo games for virtual coins or tokens at sweepstakes sites.

Is Online Bingo Legal in the US?

At present, online bingo for real money is only available in certain US states. Most states have passed laws to legalise online gambling, among these states are Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and six others.

Some of the sites that have launched in these regions have included bingo betting options in their online selections. Usually, bingo-style games are available in the casino section on a provider’s webpage or app. Although, some states have only allowed legalised sports betting for the time being. Therefore, bingo wagers will not be allowed here, unless the state legalises online casino betting too.

As a result, players based outside of these states cannot play online bingo for real money. Legitimate online betting providers cannot legally operate in any other states until the appropriate gambling laws have been passed.

But most bettors have alternative options to play for free at sweepstakes casinos. Players who are aged 18 or over can sign up and play bingo games in the US. Sometimes, this includes bingo variations like keno and Slingo, at sweepstakes providers, as well as a range of slot games.

These sites are allowed to operate in 47 of the 50 states currently. Therefore, even though playing online bingo for real money is only legal in a few places, it is a widely accessible game for most players.

How Can You Play Bingo Online?

Due to its popularity as an in-person game and online option, players have increasing options about where and when to play online bingo. The current sweepstakes providers in the US accept new players all the time and bettors can easily access their favourite bingo games at these sites. But you must complete a few qualifying steps before you can start playing online bingo.

First, you can play online bingo in the US by choosing a favoured sweepstakes provider. Currently, players have a range of good quality brands that offer engaging bingo games and other games of chance. In addition, some brands might offer add-ons for new and existing customers, such as welcome bonuses and loyalty rewards.

Before you select a site, you want to join, check to see if it has all your preferred bingo gaming options. Not every site will have the same games and betting options, so check a platform has everything you need before you commit.

Then, you must set up an account with your chosen sweepstakes site. This process is often very simple and you just need to complete a short registration form. Here you will need to provide details like your name, email and possibly your phone number.

Once you have verified your account, you can log on and start playing your favourite bingo-style games. Also, at sweepstakes sites, you can build your collection of virtual coins and tokens in your account.

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