Sep 11, 2017

3 Worst Possible Bets You Can Place on Crap's Table

Craps is a very popular game in online casinos. It does not matter whether they have become favorites because of the game experience themselves, or because it is one of the games that can make some money through interesting strategies. Due to the fact that some bets offer players a house edge below 2%, they can definitely talk about player-friendly games.

Today, however, we won’t focus on how much the edge has to drop down, but on how to not lose focus during craps and how to avoid bets with the highest house edge. Today we look at the worst possible craps bets.

As we mentioned above, during a game a player can easily go under 2% of the house edge. With this in mind, some of you would certainly think that online gamblers will be looking for these bets and won’t go into games that are clearly disadvantaged. It is true, however, that after a while you will no longer have fun betting on these "safe" games, and you will also want to enjoy at least some of the risk. Now, let's look at three of which you should be most careful about.

1. Bet on the "Seven"

Betting on the number seven is the absolute worst bet you can place while playing craps. While it is true that anyone who has ever seen a craps movie, could only paradoxically saw bets on the seven, although this is a symbol of the dice, it is the worst choice. The biggest problem is that you only have a little over 14% chance of success (one in seven) for turning number seven. Although in this case, online casinos offer only five times the bet. Even if you win one of the seven games, you will lose in the long run. And you could actually lose a lot since house edge for this bet is 16.7%.

2. Field Bet

The field bet is named after what you are trying to do during that bet - you are shooting at a field of numbers. If you hit 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, you win. If dices show 5, 6, 7 or 8, you lost. With the little help of math, you can quickly find out that you actually have a chance on your side, betting on seven numbers to win meanwhile you lose only on four.

Of course, is not that simple at all and everything is much more entangled in probability. After counting these probabilities, you will eventually find that you only have a 44.4% chance of turning one of the listed numbers, with the chance of a subsequent win. So, if you go into field bets, you give the casino a more than five percent advantage.

3. Craps Bet

The third of the worst bets that you can make during dice play is the craps bet. Everything is pretty much same as a field bet - you bet on hitting some of the specific numbers. Here it is, if you hit 2, 3 or 12, you win. Hit everything other and you lose. This bet gives you a chance to succeed just one in nine. That would not be so bad, but online casinos pay only seven times the amount they have set. As with the 7th bet, you are losing the game itself, because even if luck keeps you and the casino the same, you will slowly lose in the long run.

Thanks to this, house edge at craps bets gets 11%, which is also a very dissuasive and an alarming number. Even this bet is not one of the best if you want to leave the casino with something. Something else than empty pockets, of course.

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