May 23, 2019
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10 Craziest Novelty Bets of the History

You are tired of betting on sports, but still, like to risk. Try to guess who will be the next James Bond when the UFO's existence will be confirmed or who will be the next Pope. Yes, you read correctly. These are regular bets with odds on which you can win real money. Wondering what else you can bet on?

Novelty bets are not unknown in the world of odds betting. It started more than 60 years ago when by British betting company William Hill. These bets are usually not directly related to sports betting, but it involved betting on political or cultural events instead.

People can mostly bet on things like the new president, winner of the reality show or name of the royal baby. But, some novelty bets are crazy. There are 10 best novelty bets we have managed to find.

1. The Conquest of the Universe

In April 1964, David Threlfall made a £ 10 bet with a 1000/1 odds that by 1970 people would visit another planet or other space. It is also the first space bet ever. Everyone now knows that David won this the moment when Neil Armstrong stepped out of the space module on the Moon in July 1969.

2. Elvis and UFO vs. Lochness Monster

Elvis's bets had been extremely popular for years after his death. The most entertaining of them was when William Hill announced that Elvis would return by crashing the UFO into Loch Ness and kill the legendary underwater creature.

Reportedly, it was supposed to be the highest ever odds bet. It climbed to an incredible 20,000,000/1.

3. Who Is the Killer - in the TV Series

The novelty bets did not avoid the television industry as well. In 1980, William Hill announced the bet on the popular Dallas series. The fans of the series could bet who killed one of the main characters of J.R.

4. Screaming Premier

Lesser known around the world, but the relatively popular musician and politician David Edward Sutch from the UK, also known as Screaming Lord Sutch or the 3rd Duke of Harrow, made a bet with William Hill to become England's prime minister. Although Sutch had been an active politician for over 30 years, his election rate was 15,000,000 to 1. Are you wondering why he was so high? Listen to his "hit" and see for yourself.

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5. Existence of Yetti

In 1988, the well-known climber Chris Bonnington bet William Hill to carry out an extensive expedition in the Himalayas and bring evidence of the existence of the mythical Yeti. Of course, he failed to fulfil his promise.

As you have surely noticed, William Hill is quite fond of similar legends. By 2012, for example, you could bet that the existence of Tasmanian Devil (100/1), Loch's Monster (333/1), or that the FBI confirms that Elvis Presley is still alive (500/1).

6. Child in 100 Years

In 1995, John Richardson managed to place a bet at William Hill that he would father a child in 2040. He was 55 years old when the bet was placed. Currently, the oldest father is considered Les Kelly who had a baby in 92 years.

7. Bet on 8 Horses

Fred Craggs, who won the accumulated 8 horse bet in 2008 with a maximum payout of 2,000,000/1, received a proper gift for his 60th birthday. Apparently, Fred made the bet by random picking at his birthday party. Fred apparently wasn't too much of a gambler and bet only half a pound. So he won "only" a million.

8. Tears on the World Cup

In 2010, William Hill announced a 7/2 that any British tennis player would cry at the camera during the Word Cup tennis.

9. The Fall of the Euro

After the biggest economic crisis of the 21st century, which began in 2009 and was responsible for the decline of southern European states, it was quite tense with the Union's common currency. As the response, William Hill announced 4/1 bet that the Euro would fall by the end of the championship Euro 2012.

10. UFO at the Olympics

The 2012 bet was also very curious when Hill announced a 1000/1 that the RAF spokesman would confirm the existence of extraterrestrial life at the opening ceremony on the London Summer Olympics.

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