Mar 4, 2022
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Everything about Online Casino VIP Programs

Loyalty or VIP programs are special promotions by online casinos that reward players for activity. Most often, players receive complimentary points or can get bonus money and free games. By choosing a casino with a good loyalty program, you will get great benefits and it is worth checking out these benefits before signing up.

Online casinos offer players a spectrum of benefits that act as an incentive to keep playing. The most well-known is the first deposit bonuses, for example. The most popular are the no deposit bonuses, for example. Virtually every online casino also offers a loyalty program. Even though with the VIP program you get very interesting benefits, this promo is often overlooked.

VIP programs at online casinos are promotions that casinos provide to their loyal members. They offer perks and rewards for wagering, deposits, account access and other activities. Such programs are provided to motivate players to continue playing at the website and give them a reason to visit often. With a VIP program, players have the opportunity to earn points while playing real money casino games and subsequently earn rewards such as bonus money, free spins and other great benefits.

How VIP Programs Work

Most VIP programs work on a tier system that offers players various benefits. Comp or loyalty points are usually used to move up a level. Think of it as playing a game and gaining experience. You can find out how many points you need to level up and what you get them for in the VIP program terms and conditions.

In most cases, you will need a large number of points to reach a certain level. The higher the level, the more points you will need to collect. However, you can only stay at each level for a limited time. Depending on the terms and conditions of the online casino, you may be able to keep your VIP status for longer. However, at some online casinos, your points count decreases each month and you must accumulate enough points to stay at the same VIP level or move up to a higher one. Some online casinos allow players to enter the first level of the VIP program automatically when they make their first bet at the online casino.

How do you earn these points and what are their other uses? In most cases, you will receive these bonuses for playing selected games. The way it works is that you get one comp for every 10 € wagered, for example. However, some online casinos only allow you to get loyalty points only on selected games. For example, on slots. Sometimes these comp points can be exchanged back for money, again at some ratio. For example, for 10 comp points, you get €1 of bonus money. In some cases, you will also get points for daily logins or depositing money.

What benefits and bonuses do casinos offer in VIP programs

The specific benefits will then depend on the type of loyalty or VIP program. Although all loyalty programs are more or less the same, they always differ on some points. Here you can see a general list of bonuses and benefits that online casinos can offer.

  • Comp points, which can then be exchanged for real money
  • Unique bonuses and promotions
  • Cashback
  • VIP events such as special lotteries or tournaments
  • Higher withdrawal limits and faster withdrawals
  • Your account manager
  • Birthday bonuses

There are some conditions before you can redeem any casino bonuses, even those you get in the loyalty program. If you get money, in most cases it will be so-called bonus money. It means that you need to wager this bonus money before you can withdraw it. The same goes for winnings from free spins or cashback.

Which Loyalty Programs Are the Best?

Finally, we come to the main question. What does a good VIP or loyalty program look like? Generally speaking, this will vary from player to player. A player who primarily plays roulette probably won't be looking for a loyalty program that mostly rewards slot players. However, there are a few basic guidelines that apply to all VIP programs.

  • You are automatically logged into the program to register
  • Benefits at certain levels increase progressively
  • Welcome bonuses when moving up to a higher level
  • VIP status is valid for a longer period of time, allowing players to receive more benefits
  • The lower conversion rate for converting comp points to cash
  • Very low or no wagering requirements for VIP cashback, converted cash and other bonuses
  • Wagers on all or almost all games add comp points
  • A lower minimum bet to earn comp points
  • VIP account managers

You can find out all this information very easily before signing up for a new online casino. You just need to study the terms and conditions of each loyalty program thoroughly. If you don't find all this information in the terms and conditions, contact customer support. And remember, if even customer support can't help you, it may not be a good idea to play at that casino.

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