Aug 27, 2019
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Free spins on Coin Master

Coin Master is a top-rated casino based mobile app. The main goal is to build a village, upgrade village and attack other players. For all of these things, you need resources which you can get by winning with free spins at Coin Master Slot.

Rocket-like rise of the Spin Master is stunning. The app is currently number #3 top-grossing app in India, #1 top-grossing app in Great Britain, and it is in the top 30 grossing apps in the USA.

The game itself is divided into two parts. There is a village where players build and upgrade buildings, and there is an online slot where you can win coins, raids or shields.

  • Coins - The virtual currency which is used to pay for buildings
  • Raids - You can dig in another player's village and steal his/her coins
  • Attacks - You can destroy a building in someone's village and get coins
  • Free spins - Win ten more free spins
coin master free spins
coin master free spins

As you can see, the Spin Master Slot is the main feature of the app. The slot itself highly resemble classic slots in an online casino. It has only one winning line and no bonuses like wild symbols.

How to Get Free Spins on Spin Master

As the new player, there are several ways to get free spins and potentially win something on the Coin Master slot.

Win it at the slot - 10 free spins

  • This is the easiest way to get extra spins. Players get ten free spins every time a winning line with Spin Symbol is created.

Every hour - 5 free spins

  • The app will add five free spins every hour. If you want to play, you can wait.

Connect with facebook - 50 free spins

  • We would recommend starting as Guest players and after you play through all initial games, then register via facebook and get 50 free spins and 1M coins.

Invite a friend - 25 free spins

  • Invite other people on FB and get 25 free spins.

Watch a video - 1 free spin (4 times a day)

  • Watch a 30-second ad and get up to 4 spins a day.

Wheel of fortune - variable - free spins on Coin Master Daily

  • Log in every day and win some free spins via the daily bonus.

You can also obtain free spins in Coin Master from your friends or buy it in the shop.

The app itself uses quite a disruptive ad policy. Every time you run out of the coins, there are several pop-up windows with offerings.

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