Dec 2, 2019
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Gamification as the Next Step in Online Gambling

Online casinos are trying to do the very best to keep existing customers and find new ones. With progressing technological advancement, new types of casinos, like mobile or virtual, are raising. But there is also an innovative element, which is casino gamification.

Gamification is a well-known process for all marketers around the world. It is one of the most effective ways of how to achieve the desired action. For years, it has been using in marketing, humans resources or learning. Now it seems to be a time when online casinos are starting using it too.

What is Gamification in General

By definition, gamification is the process of using game elements in a non-gaming context to drive user engagement. Let them play, as someone may say. Games are incredibly powerful in motivation, and if used correctly, it may have a significant impact on the desired results.

It may be hard to imagine what gamification is. Well, mostly it is about interaction with other people, collecting achievement or scoring in leaderboards. One of the most successful projects about gamification was "My Starbuck Rewards" program.

How Gamification in Online Casinos Looks Like

As we mentioned, it is not about playing games. So, it doesn't mean that there will be new types of casino games. Even though there are video slots, which look like a Counter-Strike. Casino gamification will be about the mission-based task. It could be like play ten different slots today, trigger bonus feature at some particular game, make ten deposits in one week and so on.

As you complete these "missions”, the casino will unlock benefits like faster withdrawal, bonus money or free spins.

Casino Gamification

The true masters of casino gamification are casino social apps like Slotomania or Gametwist. These apps imitate real online casinos. Sometimes they use the same game providers and sometimes they even developed their own games. But, you can not play for real money or exchange winning for real prices.

They substitute the real gambling experience with achievement hunting and mission-based task to motive player keep playing. And of course, if players lose all of the fake virtual currency, they can buy more in store. And these social casino apps are incredibly successful. Slotomania is one of the highest-grossing gaming apps.

Loyalty point and VIP programs

One of the most used gamification technique in online casinos are benefits for loyal players. Pretty much every operator offers some kind of VIP program. Most of the VIP programs work the same way. The more you play, the more extras you get. Some casinos also offer special loyalty point, which can be exchanged for bonus money.

  • Benefits from VIP programs
  • Extra bonuses
  • Faster withdrawals
  • Personal manager
  • Cashback
  • The better exchange rate for loyalty points
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