Sep 7, 2017

Brief History of Baccarat

Baccarat is an elegant and well-known gambling game whose origins is actually still fully unknown. The Italian word baccarat means zero in English, just as in French, and because of both of this languages originated from Romance languages, each of these countries considers their own game.

One version of the game's history suggests - Baccarat was invented in the Middle Ages by an Italian player named Felix Falguierein. It was played with tarot cards, and it was derived from the old Etruscan legend of nine gods and a blonde virgin whose destiny was to determine a nine-sided playing cube. Throwing numbers 8 or 9 would mean that the virgin would become a priestess, 7 or 6 would, on the contrary, get rid of all religious rituals, and if the number had fallen below 6, she would have to surrender to the depths of the sea.

Despite the unreality of this fantastic fairy tale, it is fairly obvious that Baccarat was very popular in France in the 16th century. This gambling game was played mainly by the nobility, and so it remained for many years until Baccarat eventually gained its popularity among all the players.

Although we really cannot say whether origin of baccarat belongs to Italy, France or even England, it is obvious that Baccarat is a game with a really rich history. For centuries it has spread through the countries, traveled across the continents and eventually evolved in many variants.

The French version of Baccarat, known as "Chemin de Fer", has become very popular especially in England, where players have begun to modify the game and change its rules. From England game overcame the Atlantic a founded a way to South America and later to the whole world.

In modern times, it was Tommy Renzoni, who brought this luxurious play to the United States. The very first baccarat version, which was the combination of European Baccarat and Chemin, you could find in notorious Dunes casino.

Baccarat at 21st Century

Although some rules may be altered in different countries, the main idea of ​​the game always remains the same. Baccarat retains its elegance and, despite its simplicity, it is still a very popular game for great players, celebrities and others with significant social status.

In order to popularize the game, "Mini Baccarat" was created, which uses the same rules as the American version but with lower limits and simplified rules. Thanks to this, Baccarat gets attention even today with players with average capital, so everyone can enjoy it.

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