Feb 27, 2020

The History of Live Casino

Live casino games exist not as long as online casinos. However, although they were not so popular at the beginning, they survived the initial tough times and are very popular today. Enjoy a stone casino feel right at home - try the live casino.

Online gambling is prevalent nowadays. At a live casino, players can communicate with dealers, making this type of gaming fun just like in the land-based casino. It is also vital that players can play the most popular gambling games such as baccarat, blackjack or roulette. So if you ever want to feel like James Bond, but don't want to wear a suit, try baccarat in a live casino.

The concept of this kind of entertainment was unimaginable in the 1990s. After all, online gambling was still evolving. Speaking of history, let's see how live casino games changed.

Humble Gambling Beginnings

In 2003, software provider Playtech began writing a new chapter in online gambling. The company launched the first online casino with live dealers. But most players still preferred classic online casinos at that time, where games were controlled by software. Playtech's offer was revolutionary.

Even though their first live baccarat was not as successful as expected, the leading cause was a slow Internet connection, which quite severely disrupted the course of the game. But this problem was solved quite soon because the internet was rocket-like and in a few years players could enjoy high-quality internet streams.

Another factor that initially opposed live casinos was its cost. Just calculate all the expenses. Paying for live dealers, renting part of a casino, acquiring web cameras, ensuring quality IT infrastructure… That's why the beginnings of online casinos have been so difficult. Most casinos did not want to invest quite a lot of money in such an uncertain project as live casinos at the time.

The Rise of Live Casinos

As you can see, the beginnings were not easy. That's why Playtech offered his live baccarat on just one table and for a few hours a day. Several years later, their approach began to bear fruits, and the Live casino became very popular. In 2006, the Microgaming and Evolution Gaming software providers were launching their live casino.

Development went further. Casinos began offering blackjack and roulette in addition to baccarat. Another change occurred in the betting area. The number of tables with different limits increased. Today, the live casino is part of the online gambling world.

Live casino today

Today you will find a casino with live dealers in every well-known online gaming room. Thanks to this fact, you have far more options than you were used to. And players enjoy live casinos. Whether thanks to beautiful croupiers or quality video transmission.

Another advantage is the fact that people like the fellowship and want to chat with the game. But if they're going to experience it today, they don't have to plan trips to world casino resorts anymore. Just sit back in your chair, start your favourite online casino and go to the Live Casino.

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