Mar 24, 2021
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History of Online Gambling

The history of online gambling is relatively short. It has started back in 1994 when the government of the Caribbean state of Antigua and Barbuda has allowed free trade and revised the law on data collection. Thanks to this law, it was possible to issue licenses for online casinos and online gambling started to grow.

That same year was formed first online casino software - Microgaming. A year later second online gaming software provider was established. It was called Cryptologic, but you can know it today by the name Amaya. The very first software developer Microgaming still has its name and today is one of the biggest companies in the market.

Thanks to these two software providers first online casino Intercasino could originate. It was formed on the 18th of April 1995 and at that time, Intercasino offered 18 gambling games as well as access to the National Indian lottery. You could bet on real money bets only in 1996.

The rise of the online gambling industry

Despite the many negative responses to online gambling, casino and the Pacific Poker poker room were opened three months after Intercasino. Owners were Israeli entrepreneurs Avi and Aaron Shaked, along with Shai and Ron Ben-Yitzak. This family business was called "the biggest online casino on the Internet".

The main attractions were games running on Boss Media AB software and you could find there The Cash Splash - the first online slot machine with progressive jackpot from Microgaming. With the growing popularity of the Internet and gambling, more and more people have started to play online and the whole business started to attract new companies and corporations.

Online casinos spread around the world

In 2000 there was another breakthrough in the development of online gambling. Many world countries have finally become aware of the economic and social value of online gambling and have slowly begun to legalize gambling and have opened their markets to online casinos. Internet gambling has become legal in the Caribbean, the US, Asia, Europe, Australia, and some parts of the UK (Isle of Man), which has brought online gambling to international waters.

The result of this action was the rocket rise of online gambling and consequently started to run more and more new features. Examples may be Live Casino with Live Dealer, Multiplayer Games, Higher Jackpots and slots tournaments.

In 2005, the popularity of online gambling reached the maximum, and since then, online gambling has become an inseparable part of the Internet. Online casinos were attended by millions of people from around the world and who hoped that it is the way to win the million-dollar jackpots. They also enjoy constantly new games and their exotic variants.

Online gambling was particularly popular amongst US resident. According to estimates over half of all online casino visitors were Americans.

Online gambling ban

But in 2006 online gambling started to fall down. And this was mainly due to the new law about online gambling in the USA, which basically forbidden it in the US. The Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, signed by George Bush on October 13, 2006, banned online gambling in all its forms for US residents and US companies could not operate this kind of business. At that time, the online gambling market was worth about $ 100 billion which included over 450 web pages and several hundred online casinos.

Online gambling ban last in the US for almost a whole decade. Today, residents of some states can actually visit selected online casinos, but in most US states is still illegal.

First mobile slots

As new technologies are still developing, since the 2000s online gambling is slowly transforming into mobile gambling. The first slots you can play on mobile was created in 2004. It was part of series of popular pub games released by IOMO and Vodafone and it was extremely popular amongst mobile players. But you still cannot wager or win real money.

Currently are most casino strongly mobile-oriented. Practically all of them offers at least several games adjusted to the iOS and Android platform. Many casinos also allow payment via a mobile operator.

History of online gambling
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