Oct 11, 2017
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How to Deposit Money into Online Casino with Mobile Phone

Mobile payments are widely available throughout all global markets. Online casinos are no exception. Not all of them, but some, currently offer payment options via mobile app or SMS. Find out how you can deposit in your online casino with your mobile in just a couple of minutes.

All casinos usually offer a variety of methods for depositing money. The majority of payments are known to every experienced player who has some knowledge of them. Whether it’s a credit card payment, electronic wallet transfer or prepaid card, each of these methods has its own advantages, but also disadvantages.

For example, a wire transfer is simple, but it may take a few days. Payments via electronic wallets are fast, but you often pay a fee for them. Card payment is also simple, but if you put money into the casino with your credit card, you may experience some difficulties with withdrawal. Some online casinos do not allow you to withdraw more than you’ve deposit by credit card.

The Fastest Casino Deposit is via Mobile

The latest way to put money into the casino is via mobile phone.  Virtually everyone today has a cell phone and one cannot even register in most casinos without one. There is also a growing number of players who prefer to play their favourite games on their mobile phones. According to the latest data, the mobile gambling industry will be worth about $100 billions by the end of 2017.

Mobile payment is very fast and especially simple. One of the popular choices today is the use of Premium SMS. Simply get an SMS with the desired code and you can play instantly.

In order not to exaggerate the praise of mobile deposits, however, there are some disadvantages. Using a mobile phone will allow you to deposit only a small amount. In addition, you cannot withdraw money with your mobile phone, so you still need to link your casino account to a bank account or e-wallets.

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How Does Mobile Payment Work?

The whole system is basically very simple and is offered by many mobile operators all over the world. All you have to do is enter your account and select a mobile payment option. Then fill in the operator and choose the amount. An SMS with the code will arrive almost instantly to your mobile. After that, enter the code in the box and after a few moments, you have money in the casino account.

The money is not directly subtracted from your bank account, but instead, you receive an extra charge on your phone bill for the exact amount of the deposit. Players very often also pay a fee for this. So before you start using SMS payment, make sure you are aware of how much you will really be paying.

Where to deposit with mobile:

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Pay with Your Smartphone + App

Unfortunately, a very few online casinos allow players to pay via their mobile devices. But don’t worry, you can still make transactions on your mobile phone. Most banks have already launched their own mobile apps, so you can easily manage your finance via a smartphone. The same basically applies to e-wallets, such as Neteller or Skrill.

With these apps, you can swiftly make transactions, just as on a desktop computer or laptop. Just always remember to check withdrawal and deposit options beforehand. As always, we also strongly recommend that you first read the terms and conditions, because some online casinos don’t offer welcome bonuses to players who deposit money via e-wallets.

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