Oct 7, 2020
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How Slot Games Have Advanced Over The Past Decade

The surge of Internet technology has brought online gambling to more users. The experts also stated the growing engagement of younger players. According to the UK Gambling Commission report, the share of players aged 18-24 was 33% in the UK in 2016.

General Availability

Nobody can doubt that online gambling is experiencing a rapid change. According to H2 Gambling Capital, gaming revenue increased from £17 billion in 2009 to £52 billion in 2020. Meaning that we have a growth rate of 147% in 10 years.

Mobile Gaming

High-speed, wireless Internet, as well as the mainstream use of smartphones gave rise to mobile gambling.

Mobile casinos offer its players the same games as online desktop casinos; just they come as lighter versions optimized for mobile.

The primary task of mobile gambling is to meet the needs of mobile players, providing them with a convenient gaming experience anywhere.

Today, many users prefer to play a variety of staple games like poker or slots on their smartphones and tablets in their spare time: in transport, during a lunch break, or unwinding at home.

Better Graphics

A fast Internet connection allows applying HD-graphics technology, making it more exciting and vibrant.

The wide use of 3D technologies in 2010-2011 and the gambling industry was no exception. That was a time when casino games received three-dimensional graphics presentation and surround sound.

Also, over the past decade, software development has shifted to using HTML5 instead of Flash. This made it possible to create games using vector graphics and animation effects. These innovations have improved the picture making it brighter and more transparent. An advantage of HTML5 is that game automatically adjusts to the screen resolution of the device on which the game is played. Also, HTML5 runs smooth and fast in all known browsers.

New technology has improved not only the quality but gameplay of the games as well making it engaging and exciting. Besides, themes and bonus features have become more diverse.

Live Casino

The last decade gave a rise of the live casino. Live casino with real dealers is readily available on the Internet and has made a revolution in online gambling. To play blackjack or poker hosted by a live dealer, you do need to visit a land-based casino. Now you can get such an experience without leaving home using online casinos such as Wink Slots.

The live casino has been developing very actively during these years.

Payment Methods

The second positive thing about using blockchain is that it allows using cryptocurrencies as a payment method. With this advantage, the technology has proven itself as a reliable, utterly anonymous means to make transactions between the gambling website and its players.

Bitcoin has become the leading cryptocurrency in gambling.

Also, over the past ten years, the opportunities for making a deposit in fiat currency have increased. Casino players are free to pay in cash, ATM, mobile operators, bank cards, online transfers, payment systems.

Higher Quality Welcome Bonuses

As the demand for online casinos has gone up, so has the supply of online casinos. This has led to online operators competing for new players custom. The way that they achieve this is by offering these new players a fantastic incentive to sign up at their casino. Whether you want to have an extra £30 to play at the blackjack table, play your favourite slots with free spins or take an extra ticket to your bingo game, you will find a welcome offer suited for you.

These improved offers have led to more casual players being tempted to sign up at an online casino.


Substantial steps over the past decade have been taken to legalize online gambling.

For example, the US passed the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) back in 2006. This Act prohibits gambling activities throughout the country. However, soon the US has stated the decrease of federal budget revenue and decided that gambling needs to be regulated, not prohibited. After all, regulated gambling could give replenish the state coffers and create thousands of jobs.

In contrast, the EU takes gambling more practical, considering it as a good source of revenue for the state. Therefore, gambling is legal. In 2005, the United Kingdom became the first European country to legalize gambling online, followed by France, Denmark and other countries.

Problem Gambling

In conjunction with the development of online gambling, the problem of gambling addiction has acquired a large scale. Therefore, many countries have started to establish strict measures to prevent and combat risk gambling among the population.

Over the past ten years, a self-exclusion system has shown very effective. It was created so that users registered on gambling sites could exclude themselves from playing or making deposits.

Currently, self-exclusion is required in Italy, the UK and Malta. It is a unified approach that is mandatory for every operator working under the licenses of the above areas.

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