Sep 23, 2020
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How to take full advantage of betting offers and bonuses on offer

Most sportsbooks take full advantage of their current markets and push out promotional offers and discount codes across all platforms. These providers aim to do one crucial thing, and that’s to create a knock-on effect. When the customer receives their first free bet, it usually involves a relatively large cash deposit commitment. Still, some online sportsbooks will give an additional ‘free bet’ when you place a certain number of bets.

This free bet offer will be placed on your account each week and will entice you into placing further bets on the account going forward.

The larger sportsbooks want the customers to take advantage of their three main categories in the current markets, which are;

  • Money-Back Specials
  • Odds Boosts and Enhancements
  • Free Bets and Bonuses

These are commonly known as sportsbook offers, and if you have two or more free bets, the gateway opens up to allow yourself some guaranteed profits. For example, if you place two bets on snooker, tennis, or darts match, and you bet on both players, it allows you to back both contestants, which results in a cash return.

If you’re betting on a soccer game, you’ll need three bets as there will be a ‘draw’ to consider. However, the sportsbooks offer many more offers but don’t just back each outcome in hopes of a large cash return, as this isn’t an effective strategy.

The Betting Markets

During this testing time of the betting industry age, you can place bets on Not to Win and Winning Distance. Here’s a short example of a horse race that used specific tactics that could’ve been manipulated by using an array of sign up betting offers  and free bets;

  • In a specific market of Winning Distances, a sportsbook was offering 2/1 odds for Altior not winning.
  • Another sportsbook offered a money-back, in the form of a free bet if you backed a horse in the race and was beaten by crowning Altior the winner.
  • Altior had 4/11 odds stacked against him and was looking good. One sportsbook offered a colossal 33/1 to their new customers, all with a $1 stake, and the winnings were paid as free bets.

The Net Result

Placing a $1 bet on Altior with odds of 33/1, ensuring the first bet is firm and $2 on another horse with the second firm and back, you would have invested a total of $7. If Altior wins, it will return a total of $34 and a $2 ‘money-back’ guarantee. If the horse loses, the odds would still see a $6 return in cash for your third bet coupled with a prospect of severe winnings with your $2 chance.

However, if you place a bet on apposition to Altior, and you use a popular sportsbook, it would be subject to their free bet offers. Of course, this collection of bets counts towards or result in additional free bets, and when you find success, you can blend them with odds boosts. These types of increase allow scientifically minded people to imply tactics, which ensure they partake in reliable and risk-free profit-taking.

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