Jul 7, 2020

Important Things about Winning on Roulette

It is quite logical that the best roulette bets are also the ones that casino owners hate the most. In all casino games - including roulette - the so-called house edge applies, which means that the player is at a loss to the casino in the long run.

Of course, this is not always the case, and people sometimes win extraordinary sums of money. The smartest thing is not to try again and leave the casino. If you succeed in the long run, it is best to run away from the casino because the longer you play, the more likely the house edge will eventually catch up with you. So, to put it simply, the fewer bets you place, the better your chances of leaving the casino as a winner.

Many might now argue that as few bets as possible actually equals no bet, and to some extent rightly. This interpretation of the last lines is exaggerated. However, you indeed have the maximum chance of winning when you enter the casino, bet all your money on a single bet, and then leave immediately.

Simultaneously, casino owners and operators are well aware that various fluctuations can occur in the short term. It means that you can see a relatively large number of strange results and remarkable wins, but experienced players know that it never takes very long. As we have already mentioned, the longer someone plays, the more likely he/she will lose. Just like the roulette probability dictates.

Therefore, if you place bets for an indefinite period of time and regardless of the current amount of your funds allocated to the game, it is very likely that you will end up losing. In other words, you lose. Therefore, what casino owners and operators are most concerned about are the small and large - massive - bets. In the short term, anything can happen because a few spins of roulette can direct the development of the game against the long-term advantage of the casino. It is the surest way to win, and at the same time, it's the idea that causes casino owners to sweat at night.

The Best Bets and Big One-Off Bets

Finally, let's answer a question that has been around for a long time. Can we maximize our chances of winning by minimizing the number of bets? Basically yes. So the ideal game would look like you are peacefully returning to the casino, you put all your money into one even bet, and regardless of the result, go away.

Casinos try to keep players at the table for as long as possible to eliminate fluctuations resulting from short games, but this is - of course - not possible with large one-off bets. That is why all tables in the casino have set table limits that cannot be exceeded. Casinos are trying to reduce the risk resulting from those mentioned above one-off high-bet roulette spins. It is much safer for a casino to lose a thousand times with a minimum bet as if you had to win the same money simultaneously with one big bet. All this only because, in the long run, the casino is at a much more significant advantage.

Of course, even after realizing these facts, many players' behavior is unlikely to change, except for those who would like to come to the casino at one number and then leave. It is understandable because whether you play roulette in a casino or play roulette online, it must be fun first and foremost. However, this does not mean that you can completely forget about the house edge. For example, if you realize in the middle of the evening that you are doing well. Remember that you were at a disadvantage from the beginning of the game, and if you continue, it is very likely that you will lose in the end.

How to Win at Roulette in a Casino

How many times have you heard of huge winnings when a player robbed a casino of millions? Such moments happen much more often than you might think. However, it is not a disaster for the casino when the player succeeds in the long run, but when he then stops playing and does not give a chance to the much-mentioned house edge, thanks to which casinos get their lost money back.

Although one big bet's advice is precious, don't think that this kind of tactic is enough for us to play roulette or other casino games. Also, many different roulette strategies can further reduce the casino's advantage. It is especially true for European roulette, which, unlike American roulette, has one zero less (so there is only one).

The best kind of roulette is the French Roulette with "En Prison" or "La Partage" rules that allow players to get back half of the bet back. This roulette is by far the best one.

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