May 25, 2021

15 Things You Didn't Know about Slot Machines

Slot machines are the most popular gambling game and also the primary income of most casinos. Traditionally, more than half of the casinos' halls are filled with slots, which in some cases generate up to 80% profits to casinos.

As everywhere in a world where gambling is legal, slot machines are most often played casino game. You can find it practically everywhere. Because it is such a popular game, there are many slot machine myths. However, the truth can often be more exciting than false facts. Therefore, we decided to prepare 15 interesting things that you may not even know about slot machines:

  1. More than 600,000 slot machines can be found in North America alone. Most of them are concentrated in Las Vegas, where is one for every eight residents.
  2. However, the state with the highest number of slot machines in the world is not the USA, but Japan. There are more than 27 million of them.
  3. Historically the biggest slot machine in the world was called Super Big Bertha and measured more than two and a half meters (about 8 feet) in height. It was physically impossible for a man to pull the lever, so a five-horsepower engine powered the machine. It was possible to play for a dollar and fifty cents and offered a million-dollar jackpot, but it was almost improbable to win it. With 28 symbols in 8 rows, the chance to win a jackpot was 25.6 billion to one.
  4. The first mechanical coin slot machine was built in 1887 in the USA by the German car mechanic Charles Fey.
  5. One man held a jackpot win record for an incredible 27 years when he hit a one-dollar progressive jackpot and collected a total of $ 65,093. His record was not broken until 2001.
  6. The highest jackpot on the slot machine in history was won on March 21, 2003, by a 26-year-old software engineer from Los Angeles. At that time he managed to withdraw an incredible $39.7 million from Megabucks slot.
  7. Slot machines have no memory, so each round is independent on the previous one, just like a coin toss. The assumption that a slot machine that has just hit the jackpot will give another jackpot for a long time is simply superstition.
  8. There are two types of jackpots - Flat Top and Progressive. For the Flat Top jackpot, the maximum payout is limited by the setting. For progressive jackpots, the maximum win increases with the number of players until someone wins it.
  9. When slots became popular in America, the state initially banned this kind of gambling. The slot machine developers began to make machines that did not issue money, but the player could win thinks like cigarettes or sweets, which could be exchanged at the bar for cash.
  10. Payouts are not affected by day or night payout, as some players believe.
  11. There is a superstition that the outcome of the game can affect the temperature of the coin. However, this is not true.
  12. The random number generator works even when nobody is playing the machine.
  13. The average machine weight is 127 Kg (279lb) and consists of more than 1,200 individual parts.
  14. The random number generator programming does not determine payouts for slot machines. It is defined by the number of symbols, the number of pay lines and the paytable.
  15. Nevada has one of the lowest return to players figure on slots in America (75%).
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