Aug 3, 2020

Joseph Jagger - the First Big Roulette Player

The year was 1873 and an almost unknown player forever changed a view of roulette. This man was an English engineer and mechanic named Joseph Jagger. Let us take a look at his story and tell what was going on in Monte Carlo at the time.

Now some of you may think that a man of such abilities must come up with a way on how to beat roulette. From a certain point of view, you are right.

Joseph Jagger visited Monte Carlo in 1873 as an absolutely unknown man who had never been to a casino before. And it is this fact that makes what he has accomplished an even more incredible thing. He visited the Beaux-Arts Casino in Monte Carlo and chose French roulette. As you well know, it differs from the American one in that it has one zero less and a slightly modified game plan.

Table Limits

In the 19th century, you could play at the table as long as the dealer had the chips to pay out the winnings. If he lost all his chips, the table was closed. At the time, the dealer in Monte Carlo had about 65,000 French francs at his roulette table, which was about $ 12,000 (in the late 1800s'). But Joseph Jagger won the entire pot at the table, making him an immortal roulette icon. He has since been known as the "Man Who Broke the Bank in Monte Carlo."

Jagger then set out to break a few more "banks" and then came to the attention of people around the world as the first player to take advantage of the imperfections of the roulette wheel in the game. It was the first documented case of Biased Roulette.

Jagger used a team of observers in his game, whose job was to monitor roulette and record the results over several hundred rounds. Of course, the casino did not have a clue about this "trick".

Search for Flaws in Roulette

After his team found several biased roulettes, it was Jagger's turn to show up with the money. He chose roulette with a strong bias for nine numbers and in a short time won an amount of about £ 14,000, which in today's numbers is equal to about $ 1 million. It was a really decent amount of money at the time. You would think, that this was the end of Jagger's successful ride, but it did not. He decided on an even more violent attack.

After another series of wins and losses (mostly wins), Jagger ended up with a profit of about £ 65,000, or about $ 5 mil. today. Even after that, he did quit roulette and enjoyed very decent rents for the rest of his life. But the situation was even worse for the casino, as the other players bet exactly according to Jagger. This caused even greater losses to the casino than the Englishman himself.

A Message to Future Generations

Joseph Jagger entered the history of gambling in really bold letters and was named the first great roulette player. He's a man who has found a way to withhold a casino of really big money. Frightened by his monstrous winnings, the casino decided to change roulette. After this step, Jagger was still losing.

After losing an equivalent of about $ 1 million in the casino, the man found his trick was no longer useful. The casino subsequently removed the roulette. Joseph Jagger left the casino and never took another gambling trip again. Also, unfortunately, you can use tricks when you play roulette online. But there are some other useful tips and tricks to minimize your losses in an internet environment.

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