Sep 7, 2017

Simple Key to Blackjack Strategy for Beginners

When playing blackjack online, the best way is to find a table with basic strategy and leave it open in the next window while playing. There is nothing forbidden about it and it will help you considerably reduce the house edge.

However, if for some reason you do not want to play this way, there are still some basic tips to remember.

Hit / Hold strategy

Obviously, you should stand if you have 17 or more. However, if you have a lower value (12-16), you should hit it if the dealer's card is a value of 10. Simply put, you should hit if the dealer's score beats you, for example, if you have 15 and the dealer shows eight (10 would give to dealer 18). On the contrary, you should stand when there is a big chance that the dealer will hit. E.g. you have 13 and the dealer shows 6 (10 will give him 16 and he will have to pull another card). Keep in mind that this is just a few rules out of many. There are exceptions and to play flawlessly you will need to download the exact table.

Insurance Online Blackjack

Casinos offer so-called insurance bet when the dealer shows up an ace. If you make this bet and the dealer will eventually have a natural blackjack, the game ends with a draw and all the deposit will be returned to you. If not, you lose your insurance deposit, which makes half the original bet, and the game is normally played. From a statistical point of view, it is clear that you should never play insurance under any circumstances. The probability that the dealer has an ace and a ten is definitely worse than 2:1. What is pay ratio for insurance bet?

Doubling in Online Blackjack

It is recommended to double if you see that the dealer has one of worst opening cards: 4, 5, 6. You should always double 11, even if you are against an ace or ten. On the contrary, you should never double the so-called hard hands when you already have the chance to draw another card (12 or higher).


Splitting cards in blackjack is also an option and there are several things you should know. Never split the five. You should double them in most cases instead. Also never split tens, 20 is a very powerful combination to be split! Always split the aces and the eight. 9’s against everything except sevens, tens and aces. Do not play any of the other combinations if dealer 8 or better card.

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