Jul 7, 2021

Pay Attention to the Different Game Variants

New games of chance or old dusty games rarely appear in casinos. If you find these new games or modifications of the already games exciting, feel free to try them. It's absolutely fine.

But always start with minimum bets. That is how you will find out how advantageous the game is and whether you enjoy it. If you decide to continue playing it, we advise you to get enough information first.

Any innovation serves only to help the casino. And it is also because such games attract ignorant newcomers. In contrast, they allow regular players a break from the stereotype, or the opportunity to win, during a negative series in their favourite casino games.

Either way, these games are not among the best. They usually have a higher house edge value, you have to place higher bets, or you make several decisions during the game, which increases the total bet per round.

Let's Take a Look on Blackjack?

Single deck 6-5 blackjack is a classic example of a game variant that has a higher house edge. And even today, many players still think that this is a fantastic variant of the classic blackjack. They have heard that the single deck variant has a much lower advantage for the casino than multi-deck games. So they think that this game was sent to them by the gambling god itself.

But the problems come right at the first blackjack. It is paid in the ratio 3: 2 in regular BJ and 6:5 in the Single deck 6-5. And the chances of blackjack are the same for both parties, players and dealers—about 5 percent. However, the dealer gets a win in a 1:1 ratio, while the player gets an extra half of his bet. The casino will therefore give the player an additional 0.5 x 5% = 2.5%. A payout of 6:5 is equal to 1.2:1. In this variant of the game, the players lose the advantage of 0.2 x 5% = 1%. Using the perfect strategy, the house edge is 1.4% worse for a single deck 6-5 than for six or eight decks 1.5-1.

An Exotic Variant of Baccarat

E-Z Baccarat is a variant of the game where you make more decisions. In the classic version of Baccarat, the player bet is paid out in 1:1 ratio, and the player bet wins 1.24 less than the banker bet. The house edge is, therefore, 1.24%. In contrast, the banker wins 1.24% more games, but the casino will pay you only 95 cents on one dollar. Even though this is a small amount, thanks to it, the casino has a stable and certain income.

In E-Z Baccarat, the conditions for bets on players do not change, so the house edge remains at the same value, 1.24% with a payout of 1: 1. However, the banker tie rather than wins in this game, with three cards totalling seven, against the player's zero to six. With this rule, the banker wins only 1.02% more games than the player. So the value of the house edge on this bet is only 1.02%, and the payout is 1: 1.

For the E-Z Baccarat, the values ​​for the player's bet do not differ, while for the banker a slight change can be seen, from 1.06 to 1.02%. But the difference is in the commission from the game. There is none here. Let's say six players at the table play a game with eight decks of cards. With automatic dealing, you can play 180 games per hour, and the casino takes a commission on average once every 15 minutes. Without them, you will be able to play about 200 games per hour.

Side bets or bonus bets have even more drastic consequences. Not only does this give the casino more money from betting, but these options have a terrible house edge. Normally, the value of a casino advantage is between 20 and 30 percent. Nevertheless, these bets are popular with players who want to win big from a single bet.

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