Oct 25, 2017
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Roulette Bot Plus – Just Another Fraud Against Players

Every time I hear about some miraculous way of getting rich in casinos (and not only there), I always know right away what the deal is. Fraud against naive players! This program is yet more evidence.  Regarding the fact that we have received many questions about this, I decided to write something here in more detail on this topic.

For starters, I would like to say that most of you still naively hope that some perfect system really exists. That is a fundamental mistake. In a casino or at Roulette, of course it is possible to win and lots of players are the proof of this. However, it is not possible to keep on winning in the long term with the aid of some system that  grants you financial independence and the possibility of ending your full-time job. If you are thinking this way, you are on the wrong track and I strongly recommend that you read through some of my articles.

Roulette Bot Plus

Players are excited by the idea of a robot for an automatic game that would place bets for them according to some perfect system, with the guarantee of permanent income. No stress or real effort, just a pleasant everyday check on your ever-increasing account balance.

Sadly, I have to repeat that there is no such program and, if there is, it doesn’t work on the principle of a money management system and there’s no way that it would be publicly available with the creators persuading you to buy it.

Yet this is a point where Roulette Bot Plus strongly differs from others.

This program is available free of charge. Donations are purely voluntary, so the creed of the program looks really promising. Pay only for what you have the use of.

Where is the Catch Then?

why roulette bots doesn't work

It’s really simple. The principle of income for the program creators is the same as it is with those “miraculous” Facebook ads which state that you can become rich by using them.

You just download a program which includes a list of casinos (basically its just advertisements of affiliates) in which the Roulette Bot Plus supposedly works. It is the same with Facebook ads – the creators help you to lose your money and you help them to derive income.

The program itself bets nonsensically, while you have the option to edit its bets to your vision and prognosis to a certain degree. It’s practically useless to further discuss the functions. If you are one of those who hope that the program will earn you a fortune, I will save you the time by telling you right away that it won’t. However, if you are a Roulette fan, it’s nonsensical to let a bot play instead of playing yourself – it will deprive you of not only your money, but of the joy of the game itself.

Don't use roulette robots

Whatever the situation, it’s absolute nonsense even to try this program! 

The same applies to all other programs (Roulette Sniper, World Best Roulette System, Roulette Bot Pro, …)  which promise similar benefits.

On the program’s website in the Terms and Conditions section, you can find the very important statement that the creators do not guarantee anything at all, the program comes without any warranty and you alone are responsible for any losses that the use of this program might cause.

It doesn’t really matter if you can find any positive comments or how many likes this program has on Facebook – it’s of no importance what the program looks like on YouTube videos. Everything can easily be falsified. By the way, the creators can not manage to completely filter Facebook pages, so from time to time you can find some really negative comments that just say it all.

Finally, I’d like to warn you that if someone promises you easy money, be on your guard! In most cases, someone is trying to lure you into a roulette fraud that is favorable only to one side.

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