Mar 22, 2018
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The 11 Craziest Gambling Law around the World | Infographic

Check out the world's craziest gambling laws. In some cases, you will not believe it is possible something like that. Take a look at our infographics in which we present the funniest of these laws.

Not all countries of the world allow gambling. However, the complete ban is not at all comparable to the madness some countries have come up with. Did you know, for example, that you could legally win a maximum of $ 3 in the US state of Main?

Crazy Laws of Gambling

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The Craziest Gambling Laws around the World

  1. In North Carolina, it is illegal to play bingo for more than 5 hours in a row.
  2. In Monte Carlo, local citizens cannot enter their world-renowned casino.
  3. In South Africa, greyhound races are forbidden because it is considered as animal abuse according to their laws. However, horse racing is allowed.
  4. In Oklahoma, women are forbidden to gamble naked, in a towel or in a negligee.
  5. In Alabama, it is prohibited to play a domino on Sundays under penalty $10 to $100.
  6. In the state of Main, you can legally win only $3 dollars.
  7. In Indiana, it is forbidden to play card games for money under penalty $3 for every deck on the table.
  8. Although some forms of gambling like bingo or lottery are legal in Texas, you cannot run a poker room there.
  9. In Kentucky, you can easily lose up to $ 4 dollars. However, if you lose more, you have a legal right to bring an action against the person who has won over you.
  10. In Oklahoma, the conductor is legally obliged to destroy all board gambling games on the train.
  11. In Illinois, pool tables are forbidden in common areas because such games could encourage visitors to bet on the money.
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