Jan 15, 2020

The Best 3 Reel Online Slots

Traditional 3 reel slots nowadays almost belong to the museum. Over time, they were replaced by 5 reel online or land-based slot machines with many gameplay elements, side quests and amusing graphics. Yet the original slot machines still have their charms, and you can even find countless of their online versions.

3 Reel Slot Machines for Free

Do you enjoy classic slots? Play the best 3 reel slot machines online for free. We have picked the best games for you. Just click on the picture and you will be redirected to the game.

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Compared to other casino games that are hundreds or thousands of years old, slot machines are very young. However, the classic slots are even more popular and have undergone the most significant changes in their relatively short existence. In addition to replacing the original mechanical random number generator with microchips with mathematical algorithms, the game itself has changed.

No other casino game has as many types and variations as slot machines. The number of winning lines, the theme of individual games or the payout ratio for individual winning combinations are just examples. Every modern online slot also offers different bonus features and special symbols. Previously, everything was pretty much the same.

History of 3 Reel Slots Machines

Original 3 reel slots were very popular at the time due to their simplicity and ease of use. In addition, they also offered, like slot machines today, the opportunity to win a large jackpot. Some of the oldest 3 reel machines were so popular that they were by 5 reel variations which you find in many online casinos.

History of slots 1

Winnings on these slots are most often generated on 3 to 5 winning lines, with the oldest slots having only one. Currently, you can meet slots that have more than thousands of winning lines.

Fruit machines are already a perennial evergreen in the field of gambling. They got their name thanks to fruit symbols like cherries, melons or plumbs.

Not surprisingly, fruit symbols appear even in the most modern slots such as the Event Horizon from 3D developer Betsoft.

Classic 3 Reel Slot Machines with a Fixed Jackpot

This type of classic slot most often offers three reels and, as the name suggests, a fixed jackpot. It can usually be played for one to three coins per spin. The winnings are divided proportionally according to the amount of the bet.

In general, the higher the bet you play, the higher the jackpot, but due to the low probability of winning the jackpot, some professional players do not recommend playing for the highest bet.

Classic 3 Reel Slots with Maximum Bet Bonus

This type of 3 reel slot machines are already considered obsolete and is rarely found in online versions. Most often, it was possible to play for one or two coins. Other possible winning combinations were available when playing for three coins which gave players an extra chance of winning.

Unlike fixed jackpot slots, it is recommended that you play at max bet in these slot machines so that you do not miss out on the extra features and bonuses.

Classic 3 Reel Slots with Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots have become the most popular in the world over the years. Slots with this kind of jackpot accumulate money until someone wins.

As before, it was necessary to classify for the jackpot. To do this, you have to play for the highest possible stake. This may not always pay off as progressive jackpots slots usually have lower payouts.

History of slots 2

Wide Area Progressive Slots (WAPS)

For the first time, these machines could be played in the early 1980s. WAPS was the first type of progressive jackpot slots that was collected not from one slot, but all WAPS slots from the casino or even from across the states. Although these types of jackpots are currently huge, it was not always like that.

It was in 2001, after an incredible 27 years, the record of jackpot win on slots was broken. The original record was just $ 65,093. Only two years later, in 2003, a record-breaking $ 39 million jackpot fell so far.

Popular Slot Machines of History

In addition to the types of slots themselves, specific slots have also written down in the modern history of gambling. One is the very first mechanical slot of the German mechanic Charles Faye - The Liberty Bell, which you can currently see it at the Liberty Belle Saloon in Las Vegas.

If we are talking about slot machines that every slot player should hear about, we must not forget the largest slot machine in the world. It was called Super Big Bertha and measured more than two and a half meters in height. It was physically impossible for a man to pull the lever, so a five-horsepower engine powered the machine. It was possible to play for a dollar and fifty cents and offered a million-dollar jackpot, but it was unlikely to win. With 28 symbols in 8 rows, the chance to win a jackpot was 25.6 billion to one.

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