Oct 23, 2020

The Legends of Roulette and Their Strategies

If you are looking for information on how to beat the casino's house edge, focus on the successful strategies of the greatest roulette players in the history of gambling. And believe me, roulette is full of legendary and successful players who won a lot of money. Do you want to be as successful as they are?

So let's take a look at the list of the most famous players and their strategies. But let be honest. They actually also had a lot of luck.

Ashley Revell

One of the most extreme strategies is wagering the even bets. And that's by betting everything. With such bets, you minimize the casino's long-term roulette advantage to a minimum.

Ashley Revell really had to trust this strategy completely, because in 2004 he sold his assets worth $ 135,000 and bet it all on red. Fortunately, he chose right, which earned him $ 270,000 at the Las Vegas' Plaza Hotel.

Charles Wells

Wells is one of the most famous players of all time because he broke the bank in Monte Carlo several times. There was even a song about him called "The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo."

Wells went to Monte Carlo twice and won a total of one million francs. He broke the bank six times on the third trip but eventually lost everything. He then returned to England and lied to investors to sell fake roulette devices. He defeated roulette thanks to the Martingale system.

Joseph Jagger

Although no one ever sang about him, Jagger was actually the first man to break the bank in Monte Carlo. Jagger walked around European casinos looking for biased roulettes. With this strategy, he won more than $ 300,000, which was huge money at the time.

Strategies to Avoid while Playing Roulette

Today, there are many betting strategies for roulette, and many players believe in them and bet their hard-earned money in a specific way. And only because someone promised them and swore that these strategies worked one hundred per cent. But if you take a closer look at these "amazing" systems, you'll find that they are just common myths, and if you want to maintain or even increase your bankroll, be sure to avoid these strategies by far.

Green Color

One of the horrible strategies used by some players is betting on the green, ie 0 or 00. This is because many people think that green is a colour that symbolizes loss.

But if you look closely at 0, you will find that it is the colour and number that gives the casino advantage, so you can see that there is little truth in this strategy. In general, however, betting systems do not work for a long time. Whether you name them or base them on anything.

Randomly or Systematically?

Some strategies tell you that they are based on a systematic way of playing, thus beating roulette without the presence of chance. According to them, the result of individual games can be predicted, which is of course nonsense. Every fair and non-biased roulette game is completely random. No one can ever know whether the next spin will turn black or red, or whether the next number will be even or odd. This means that if you have found a way to manipulate roulette, it is a scam and an illegal way of playing.

One strategy to avoid is one that tells you not to bet on a number that previously fell on another player. This strategy is nonsense. Every game in roulette has the same probability as the last one.

Another strategy is also just a pure myth. It's called sleeping number theory. According to it, you should bet on a number that has not fallen in the last 37 games. It is again the same delusion as in the previous case, and that each game has exactly the same probability. So even with this betting strategy, you can't beat roulette.

Roulette Is a Game of Chance, not Skill

Therefore, keep in mind only one thing in every game of roulette. And that is that every game is random and will never be sure what the next game will look like. Roulette is simply a game of luck and chance. You can easily see it. Try to play roulette for fun and you will see, that the results are purely random and no betting system will overcome the house edge.

All you have to do is carefully study the odds of the various bets, and choose and bet only the most advantageous ones.

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