Sep 11, 2017

The Most Amazing Series of Gambling – Craps

We are here with the part of the series about the most interesting gambling runs, the highest prizes and the most successful players in the history of gambling. Today, we will look at the favourite gambling game - Craps.

The Longest Roll at Craps

Talking about craps, many skilled players are interested in one particular thing. And it is how long can was the longest roll at craps, you have ever had. If one player throws dice for 20 or 30 minutes, we can talk about a good roll. One of the online gambling experts Frank Scoblete has experienced two such amazing rolls. The first one lasted more than 45 minutes and happened on April 2, 1999 at the Binions Horseshoe in Vegas, and the second one a year later at Sunset Station, which lasted just about ten minutes less.

Are you also wondering how the monstrous rolls of Frank would have stood against the best in the world? The longest and most proven series of craps was Stanley Fujitake called "Golden Arm" from Hawaii, who played mostly in the late 80's at the California Club Casino in Las Vegas for over three hours. Before that, it was his longest but unconfirmed series which lasted about two hours at the Caesars Palace, also in Vegas.

Famous, but not True

There was also a report about the longest roll that took place in 1999 at the Binions Horseshoe Casino in Tunica - it should take even more than 4 hours. As soon as this statement hit public, it was found out from trusted sources that this legendary roll lasted only two hours and fifteen minutes.

Frank Scoblete also say that he saw with his own eyes two rolls, lasting for an hour. At the table all players were playing with red chips only. After an hour, only the green, black and purple chips were played. And how much of this series make Frank? About $ 37 - he played blackjack at the time. But he had a great view on the dice table. So at least some comfort.

Atlantic City - City of Amazing Stories

Probably the most reports of monstrous rolls come from Atlantic City. One of the many two-hour rolls was spotted at Caesars Casino in the mid-1990s. Unfortunately there is no relevant evidence. Nevertheless there are plenty of evidence about player simply called The Arm. Many people saw her rolls, which lasted from 20 minutes to an hour.

But one evening was far more exceptional. It was a New Year's Eve at 1990, when she made about five or six 20-minutes rolls in a row. The witnesses of this amazing rolls won during this time hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars. Eventually, the amazing "Arm" was worn by people on their shoulders and celebrated as Michael Jordan in the times of his greatest glory. Perfect and amazing happy New Year.

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