Jul 19, 2021

The Most Common Mistakes Playing Slots

Even absolute beginners in the gambling world know very well that games like blackjack or video poker require the use of strategy in the game. They also know that potential mistakes cost the player a considerable amount of money. Let's take a look at what to focus on before playing slots so that we don't lose too much.

If we are talking about slot machines, almost everyone will understand that there is no strategy. On the one hand, they are a little right. Online slots are strictly game of chance.

But despite this, there are a few tips for playing slots, as well. Let's take a look at the basic mistakes players make when playing slots. Then, of course, try to avoid them.

Bet per Line vs Total Bet

Some online slots offer very low bet minimum. For example, $ 0.01. These slots attract players with a smaller bankroll primarily. However, the bet shown in the adjustment field may not be final in some cases. What you see is a bet per single line.

Most such slots have multiple pay lines. For example, Magic Portals has 25 winning lines, and you have to bet $ 0.01 or more on each line. This means that the lowest possible total bet is $ 0.25.

Chasing the Jackpots

We all dream of hitting a huge jackpot once in a lifetime and never have to do anything again. This is without debate. But be careful. It is by no means an invitation to play slots for which you do not have a bankroll. Some progressive slots require a player to bet about $ 3 or more on one spin for qualifying for a jackpot. It's nice to know that you can win millions of dollars for a $ 3 bet, but if you can't afford it, it's passé.

If you are a low-roller player, leave the $ 3 or $ 5 slot machines to richer players and focus on a cent or penny slots.

Don't Take Advantage of the VIP Club

The great benefit of online casinos is that after every real money spin, the casino will credit you with loyalty points. But when we talk about land-based casinos, loyalty points are rare. If you want to play slots in a land-based casino, we recommend signing up for a slot game loyalty club. Once you do this, you will receive a loyalty card that you insert into the slot machine.

Each spin then adds loyalty points to your card, which you can redeem for various gifts or cash. Take advantage of the club's offer to increase the return of the game played.

Hot and Cold Slots

Claiming that the slot is hot (always paying out) or cold (hardly paying out) is simply not true. These are just myths spread among slot players. Really? Yes, and the reason is simple.

Each slot machine has an RNG, a random number generator, which uses several large sequences to determine whether you have won or lost. As soon as you press the spin button, the RNG flashes out a numeric combination that represents a certain distribution of winning symbols on the reels. Every spin on the slot machine has the same probability of winning or losing. And if you didn't even win ten rounds, that doesn't mean the next round will be a winning one.

Don't Know the Slot

When we said there was no strategy for playing slots, we were right. There we should choose a game that offers the best chances to win. We have to find the game with the highest return to the player. Why would we play the slot with a return of 91% when we can find a slot machine with the same bet amount, but that will give us a 93% return? Not every slot is the same, and so it is essential to choose only the most profitable ones.

So what to say at the end? As you can see, there are a few major mistakes with slots that will make you lose your bankroll very quickly. Instead, spend 15 to 20 minutes on articles that give you vital information before you play slot machines.

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