Aug 12, 2019
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Tips on How to Play Keno

Keno is a popular lottery-based gambling game. The player's task is to guess the drawn numbers. Here are tips and tricks for Keno. Read the article to find out increase your chances of winning.

The variation on Keno was the very first gambling game in history. The first mention comes from China around the year 2300 BC. Like in Keno, players chose from 80 numbers and then waited for their numbers to be drawn. Even then, it was only possible to play in selected buildings (first casinos) and under the supervision of the governor.

This game has survived to this day. The only difference is that you can play it on the Internet in addition to classic live casinos.

How to Play Keno

Each player receives a coupon with 80 numbers. The object of the game is to guess what number will be drawn. The computer chooses these numbers at random, and the player can select 1-10 (or more) numbers. If the player's numbers match the numbers drawn by the computer, this is a "hit". The winnings amount depends on whether you bet 1, 3 or 5 coins (the maximum bet in most casinos is 5 coins). Other important factors are how many numbers you select (1-10) in the game and how many of these numbers will be drawn.

  • Launch the game
  • Select numbers
  • Wait for results
  • The more numbers you hit, the higher your winnings

It's kind of a small lottery. Nowadays it's easiest to play Keno online. Almost every online casino has at least several Keno versions. The principle is the same, except that sometimes you can choose up to 15 numbers in online Keno. Then the computer randomly selects 20 numbers from 1 to 80 and depending on how many numbers you hit, you are paid out.

In general, online Keno has several advantages. First of all, although not very practical, these Internet versions offer interesting graphics. You can immediately see if you have won. You can also set up more than one draw at the time. The game is therefore faster.

Free Keno Online

Keno online 1
Keno online

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The Chance of Winning in Keno

Classic Keno has an above-average casino advantage. It is around 20% to 25%, which is a lot. Just for comparison, roulette has 2.7% and 5.26%. Online Keno is much better. The player can bet more numbers and the payout ratio has improved. The traditional payout for online Keno.

Number of Hits Payout Probability
1 0 5,22 %
2 0 14.79 %
3 0,5 24,04 %
4 0,5 25,02 %
5 1 17,61 %
6 2 8,63 %
7 5 2, 99%
8 15 0,73 %
9 50 0,12 %
10 150 0,015%
11 300 0,0012 %
12 600 0,000065 %
13 1200 0,000002 %
14 2500 0,000000035 %
15 10 000 0,00000000023 %

In this case, the player is betting 15 numbers and the casino advantage is 5.6%. It's not the best, but it's within the range of other casino games. Remember, when playing online, the frequency of games is much higher than that of live Keno. Thus, despite the lower casino advantage, the overall loss may be greater.

If you're wondering what are the chances that you will win in Keno, in the sense that you will win more than you bet. So it is about 12.5%. This means that about every eighth game is winning one. The rests are draws or loss.

Tips and Tricks for Keno

A very common question among beginners is: "What are the best numbers for Keno?" If you play in a licensed casino with audited games, the numbers don't matter. The probability of drawing a particular number is always 1 in 80. So you can choose numbers in Keno randomly or according to any system, but the probability will not change in any way. Like slot machines or roulette, Keno is a game of chance, not a skill.

However, there are a few tips to improve your chances of winning.

1. Choose the Game with the Best Payout Ratio

Before playing Keno, check out several online casinos to compare the versions. Some games may have a better payout than others. Games from different software providers have different payouts. Find the version you earn the most with.

2. Choose a Casino with a Keno Bonus

Virtually every online casino offers welcome promotion and other deposit bonuses. All of these bonuses also have certain conditions and one of them is the wagering requirements. The best option is to find a casino where you can meet these wagering requirements at Keno. Usually, this is only possible on slots, but there are also exceptions.

3. Choose the Best Amount of Numbers

For Keno, the payback varies according to the number of betted numbers. We have analyzed the basic Keno from Microgaming that you can find in almost all online casinos. This table is only applicable when players bet on all 15 number.

Number of Hits Return to Player
1 75.000%
2 92.088%
3 93.037%
4 93.788%
5 93.873%
6 93.786%
7 94.151%
8 92.895%
9 93.433%
10 94.539%
11 93.101%
12 94.221%
13 94.904%
14 94.271%
15 94.385%

As you can see, it is disastrous to bet on only one number. In this case, the house edge is 25%. On the other hand, you get the highest return by betting 13 numbers.

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