Dec 7, 2020
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Trusted NFL Sportsbooks for 2020 (With Deposit Bonuses)

There are too many sportsbooks out there, and not all are good enough. It's challenging to pick the right place to play, especially if you are just starting in the sports betting world.

You are looking to bet on the NFL to have some fun and make some money. Selecting the wrong sportsbook could lead you to an unpleasant experience and never return.

That’s why I will lead you to the best.

What should I look for in NFL sportsbooks?

This is the most commonly asked question by beginners. According to Safest Betting Sites the following are some criteria you want to consider before picking an online sportsbook.

My advice is to use our list of top-rated online sportsbooks. Find out important information about their bonuses, promos, rollovers, and a few other perks.

Best NFL Online Sportsbooks

The great thing about offshore sportsbooks is you don’t need to worry about the legality of sports betting in your state. Because these are American companies run outside the US, most of them are safe and trustworthy. The key is to select the right one.

Most people are always asking which online sportsbook pays the fastest? While that’s important is not the only thing you need to look for when trying a betting site. The interface, customer service, and competitive odds are just as important assets.

BetNow, for example, is user friendly and cuts to the chase. They will give you a substantial 100% welcome bonus to start your betting adventure with the right foot.

MyBookie is aggressive in its marketing efforts, and they have positioned themselves as one of the leading sportsbooks in the US. When talking about brand recognition, they are on top. Their first deposit bonus is up to $1000.

Bovada will give you casual odds that you might not find any other place. They are a top sportsbook as well. It’s convenient to check their odds on any sports. Their welcome bonus is up to $250.

Last but not least is and These are brother sites with similar odds and welcome bonuses. Many consider them the best online sportsbooks because of the fast payouts. They also offer many bonuses, including a $1000 welcome bonus.

Placing Your First NFL Bets at an Online Sportsbook

I remember when I placed my first ever NFL bet. It was a little overwhelming with the numbers, prices, and odds movements. I learned some sports betting lingo because of my uncle, but he wasn’t a savvy guy or anything.

My advice before anything is to know about the betting language. Learn how the spread, totals, and moneylines work. Don’t run away from the teaser and parlays, but don’t fall in love with them either. And be open to bet prop bets when placing your first NFL bets.

NFL Betting Tips

When you know the sports betting terminology up and down, it’s time to work into sports wagering strategies. These quick tips will separate you from a recreational betting loser to a more avid gambler.

Shop for the best price

Line shopping is an essential part of being a profitable bettor. It’s best to find a competitive price that will give you an edge over the sportsbooks. The only way to do it is by heavy research, patience, and hitting the best number at the right time.

Compare numbers between trusted sportsbooks and hit the best price available when you feel comfortable with it. When you are betting thousands of dollars, the difference between -105 and -115 is a big deal.

Set a Bankroll

A bankroll will allow you flexibility when you are selecting your best bets every weekend. If your bankroll is small, it will restrict you from building. You need to either decrease your bet size or add more funds so you can line shop with no problem.

If you want to become a long-term success as a bettor, you need to know how to manage your money. Understanding the importance of a healthy bankroll is as valuable as selecting the right teams or finding the right price for your bets.

Proposition Bets – Limits and Opening Odds

Most average bettors will limit their bets to the spread, moneyline, and game totals, leaving aside an entirely profitable market. I’m talking about the proposition bets market.

You are trying to beat the sportsbooks. The people making the lines will put all their effort, data, and interpretation into the spread and totals. It makes sense because that’s where most of the action is.

That’s strategy opens a lot of options for the prop bets market. It’s easier to find a fluke line or a wrong number where you can beat the sportsbooks at the propositions than betting the spread. How many TDs a QB will throw or how many yards a running back will earn is harder to establish for oddsmakers. That’s their weak spot.

It is the reason many props have maximum betting limits of $250 and could go as low as $50. You won’t find them at the beginning of the week, but the sportsbooks will make them available hours before each game.

Find the steam

Chasing the steam is a gray area strategy that could have plenty of return from time to time. It is the sudden line movement on a game across most sportsbooks.

However, there is always a sports betting site that is slower than the rest. It either not paying attention or didn’t react fast enough to the odds movement. That’s when you go to the sportsbook and place a bet on the old number.

Let’s say Seattle is +3.5 at Arizona, but suddenly that number drops to +2.5 across most sportsbooks. If you do quick research, it’s likely to find a book that hasn’t adjusted the line. Then you grab the Seahawks +3.5, with a one-point advantage. That one-point difference is steam.


There are no risk-free sportsbooks. Every bet has a small percentage of a risk because you are gambling against the oddsmakers and their data. It’s not impossible to beat them, so don’t get discouraged. Many people do it every day.

What you need is discipline and accurate record keeping. Also, follow the advice we discussed above. The first step, however, is to find the most trusted NFL sportsbooks.

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